What Fault Does The Abnormal Sound Of Various Diesel Generators Represent

Feb. 03, 2022

Abnormal sound of diesel generator is a common fault, this fault will appear in various parts of diesel engine, and there are many kinds of abnormal sound, troubleshooting is difficult. Therefore, this paper tries to analyze the causes of various abnormal noises in diesel generators, and summarizes the relevant diagnosis methods. Diesel generator abnormal sound diesel engine abnormal sound is divided into fuel system caused by abnormal sound and mechanical system caused by two categories. The first type of abnormal sound is the diesel quality is too poor or fuel system failure, diesel generator work will appear rude, flickering flickering or big and small sound; The second type of abnormal sound is the diesel generator parts between a certain gap, so in the work will emit a slight sound. Under normal circumstances, the sound of mechanical operation is rhythmic, even and soft. When the cummins generator set moving parts with clearance is too large or inconsistent, then there will be collisions between parts, directly affect the performance of parts and cummins generator set working conditions.


1, diesel generator work rough caused by abnormal sound, commonly known as "cylinder sound"; Low speed operation, the sound is strong, more than ten meters away from the diesel engine can be heard more clearly; At the same time, accompanied by starting difficulties, diesel engine fire, unstable operation, cooling water consumption faster. This abnormal sound is caused by the oil injection time too early, the oil supply advance Angle should be adjusted.

 What Fault Does The Abnormal Sound Of Various Diesel Generators Represent

2, in the whole length of the cylinder block can be heard like a small hammer gently hitting the anvil "dangdang" sound, when the diesel engine speed suddenly changes the sound is more obvious. This is because the side clearance of the piston ring is too large, the piston ring should be replaced, if necessary, the piston ring replaced together.


3, the diesel engine issued "empty dong", "empty dong" knock sound, especially obvious in the diesel engine low speed operation or sudden change of speed, accompanied by the phenomenon of burning oil. This abnormal sound is due to the piston and cylinder wall clearance is too large, when the diesel generator work to increase the impact of the piston on the cylinder wall caused. In order to further confirm, the diesel generator can be stopped when the temperature is normal, add a little oil to the cylinder liner, and restart after 1 min. If the sound is weakened or disappeared, it is proved that the piston hits the cylinder wall. This is because the oil film generated by the addition of oil compensates the gap between the piston skirt and the cylinder, but when the oil to be added is exhausted, the sound of collision occurs again, and the way to eliminate is to change the cylinder liner or piston.


4, the cylinder cover around the "click", "click" knocking sound, heat engine sound is small, cold machine sound is big, low speed stop oil supply sound does not disappear. The main reason is that the valve clearance is too large, resulting in the impact of the valve rod head and rocker arm, so the valve clearance should be adjusted.

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