Four Stages in the Combustion Process of Diesel Engines

Dec. 18, 2021

Diesel generator sets are not only reasonable in price, but also quick to start and safe.  After starting the power is large, bringing users a very good power supply experience, but some customers also reflect why the diesel generator setsmoke?  In fact, the diesel generator set after starting the use of diesel fuel, smoke most of the black because of insufficient diesel combustion caused by, please pay attention to the four stages of the diesel engine combustion process.  

There are four stages in the combustion process of diesel engines  


When the diesel engine works, the diesel fuel is injected into the combustion chamber and burned in a process, that is, the combustion process.  The four stages of diesel engine combustion process are cylinder intake, compression, work, exhaust is the four stroke.  The symptoms of insufficient engine combustion are :1, insufficient power, slow acceleration and less and less power;  2, the smoke from the exhaust cylinder is very strong and pungent;  3. Black or white smoke from the exhaust pipe.  


  1. Ignition delay period refers to the period from the start of diesel injection to ignition. When the cylinder compresses the gas, vortex airflow will be generated due to the shape of the combustion chamber.  When a diesel engine works, there needs to be enough air in the cylinder to make the fuel burn and produce enough power.  If the air intake in the cylinder is insufficient, the fuel combustion is not complete, it is bound to make the diesel engine insufficient power.  

Ricardo Dieseal Generator

2. The ignition delay time of diesel is injected into the combustion chamber and degenerates combustion in almost the same time period, so the high rate of heat, the pressure rises too fast, and the power output of the main combustion.  


3. The combustion of diesel oil in the slow burning stage mainly depends on the mixing speed.  Therefore, strengthening the air disturbance in the combustion chamber, accelerating the mixing of air and diesel oil, plays an important role in ensuring the fast and complete combustion of diesel oil near the top stop point. If the oil supply is too early, the fuel can not burn quickly near the top dead center, so that the fuel consumption increases, the emission temperature rises, and the noise is large.  Diesel quality is not good, diesel engines use inferior diesel, or diesel contains other impurities fuel, so that the combustion is not sufficient and exhaust black smoke.  


4, mixed diesel fuel and combustion time is short, partial combustion is not close to the top dead center in time of diesel fuel, then the heat released into the expansion stroke cannot be make full use of, the burning in cylinder pressure is relatively lower, so should avoid late in diesel combustion, fuel delivery too late, will lead to a difficult start, burning crude, make the engine produces the larger noise and power down.  


Above, it can be seen that the first three stages are the main stages of diesel engine combustion. It is necessary to ensure that diesel fuel is burned out in time in these three stages as far as possible, so as to make full use of diesel fuel and achieve better working efficiency of diesel engine.  Diesel fuel does not burn completely, which causes carbon accumulation, which blocks the nozzle orifice and piston ring, and black oil spills from the exhaust pipe.  Some unburned diesel will wash the lubricating oil on the cylinder wall, and dilute the oil in the crankcase, so that the engine lubrication is poor, should choose the appropriate diesel, strictly control the quality of diesel.  

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