Details of Operation and Maintenance of Water Pump Backup Generator

Dec. 19, 2021

How to operate and maintain water pump generator? Water pump backup generator factory Dingbo Power will answer for you. Please read this article, you will learn more.


1. Start-up system

When mains electrical system working normally, emergency diesel generator set is under standby mode. When mains electrical system cut off, whether the start-up system can start in time which will affect the generating electricity quality. Therefore, we must protection the start-up system first.

2. Cooling system

Water pump generator will produce too much heat during working, we will install cooling system in order to avoid heat accumulation inside the generator set. There are main faults in cooling system according to the real situation:

The cooling cover has dust, this can affect cooling performance.

The radiator fan works abnormally, the heat can not exhaust in time.

Power cord aging.

Too low cooling water can not meet cooling requirements.

The quality of cooling water is poor. Therefore, for cooling system maintenance, the most important work is to clean the dust, check radiator fan, power cable and cooling water.

Details of Operation and Maintenance of Water Pump Backup Generator

3. Fuel system

During diesel generator working, the injector of fuel system maybe has air, which will cause fault. So, we should choose high quality diesel fuel to extend the service life of fuel system. And clean fuel injector regularly. Once the injector is broken, we should replace it in time. Finally, we should also ensure that the system has a good tightness to avoid air enter. About diesel fuel maintenance, here are two important points:

Diesel fuel shall be placed a good tightness place to prevent diesel deterioration.

The lubricating oil should be placed in a dry environment. Once it encounters water, the color will become milky white. Therefore, observe the color change of the lubricating oil to determine whether it has deteriorated.

4. Other parts

For example, the electromagnetic valve shall be checked regularly to see if there is oily on the surface. Look at the electric shock and ablation to ensure that the solenoid valve is in good operating condition. When listening to the start sound, press the start button within 3 seconds, you will hear a clicking sound, if there is no such sound, it means that the solenoid valve is damaged and must be replaced in time. In addition, it is necessary to control the temperature of the outside environment. Excessive temperature will affect the heat dissipation of diesel generator set, and too low temperature is not conducive to the normal operation of the unit. Therefore, the temperature in the generator set room is kept suitable and can be controlled according to the instructions.

5. Filter

In order to ensure the diesel generator can work normally and extend service life, the filter shall be replaced every year. When replacing oil, should replace oil filter. The air filter can be replaced every 2 to 3 years. When maintaining every time, need to remove air filter to clean the dust.

6. Daily maintenance

Pay attention to the cooling water circulation system. If the thermostat fails, it must be replaced in time, otherwise the diesel engine will be worn or overheated due to sudden shutdown due to the high temperature state for a long time. When the thermostat is dismantled and not installed, the cooling water will circulate directly. At this time, the warm-up time will be longer, or the long-term operation at low temperature will not only reduce the efficiency and increase the fuel consumption, but also make the oil thicker and the viscosity increase, which increases the machine. The movement resistance of the parts causes severe engine wear and shortens the service life.

7. Future operation and maintenance work

Inspection and maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, not just running at no load, but running with load for more than 30 minutes, and observe whether the controller display parameters, engine speed, output voltage and current are normal. Listen to the sound of the engine and the vibration of the body. Check the cooling water circulation status and water temperature status. Check the battery to see if the battery voltage meets the standard and if the battery fluid is sufficient. Make accurate records for the operating status, operation and maintenance of the generator set.


After learning this article, we hope you have known to maintain your generator correctly. If you still have question, welcome to send us your question to our email address, our engineer will answer you. Or if you have purchase plan of generator, we also welcome you to contact us, we have focused on high quality generator for more than 15 years, we believe we can supply you good product and service.

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