Fuel Saving Tips: 6 Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generator Sets

Mar. 09, 2024

Compared to other fuel types, diesel generators are more efficient and require less upkeep, that's why they are gaining popularity. With rising fuel costs and other expenses mounting, more people are concerned about the the cost of running diesel generator sets. In this article, we cover 6 effective ways to help reduce fuel consumption of diesel generators.


1.Remove carbon deposits timely


Your diesel generator will create high temperature after running for some time, which causes carbon polymer deposits to be attached to various parts such as value, value seat, injectors, piston top and so on.The carbon deposits not only cause excessive fuel consumption, but may also lead to a series of potential safety hazards. Therefore, periodic clean is crucial. Experts suggest that it's better to clean generators every 4-6 months to ensure they work efficiently and stably. Timely cleaning can reduce the fuel consumption, extend service life of the generator and ensure its proper operating. Diesel generators are important power supply equipment, whose smooth and efficient operation is not just a matter of power supply, it's also the normal operation of production and living.

Fuel Saving Tips: 6 Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Diesel Generator Sets


2.Ensure the coolant temperature is between 45~65°C


If the coolant temperature is too low, it may result in incomplete combustion, which will increase fuel usage and make the equipment work harder. Thus, you need to comply with specific standards when choosing the cooling water and ensure the generator's operating temperature is kept to the right level. To avoid incomplete combustion caused by wrong coolant temperature, you need to check temperatures before operation.


3.Don't overload or underload your diesel generator


If you overload the diesel generator, it means that your generator need to work harder than usual and consume more fuel, which result in higher energy consumption. Overloading the generator also consumes more fuel and affects its lifespan a lot. If you run a diesel generator less than half load, your engine cannot achieve its maximum operating temperature on time. Thus, the generator will struggle to work, resulting in more fuel usage and other issues like short lifespan.


To prevent this and ensure you use the correct load with your generator, you can ask for help from a professional who can match the generator's output capacity to its load before purchasing a diesel generator.


4.Maintain your generator regularly


It's important to service your diesel generator on time, because it will help you reduce fuel consumption and ensure the stability of overall performance. This allows you to identify, repair or prevent any issues, which ultimately lead to an increase in fuel consumption.


Regular servicing of your generator will help you reduce fuel consumption. By servicing your generator, you can ensure it runs efficiently and uses less fuel.


If there is any faulty, damaged or broken generator part or component, you need to fix it or replace it with spare parts. If you ignore a change in the performance of your generator, it may become an issue in the future and potentially increase fuel consumption. Moreover, it's worth noting that getting genuine parts from a reliable supplier helps protect the structural integrity of your generator.


5.Select a high-quality generator


Before buying a diesel generator, you need to be aware of your power requirements so that you can find one suited for your specific needs. Keep in mind that cheap is expensive. If you buy an affordable generator, it may have a higher fuel consumption rate which consumes more fuel. A high-quality diesel generator is more efficient and use less fuel to produce the same electricity.  


6.Run only the necessary equipment


Before you purchase a diesel generator, calculate the power requirements for your needs. You need to find out whether it is necessary to run all the appliances that use power. Running only the necessary equipment consumes less fuel consumption of the generator compared to running it at full load.




To reduce fuel consumption of your diesel generator, you need to take measures including removing carbon deposits timely, ensuring the right coolant temperature, never overloading or underloading your diesel generator, maintaining your generator regularly, selecting a high-quality generator and running only the necessary equipment.


Diesel generator sets require less upkeep and are more efficient than other fuel types. They are typically preferred for their efficiency and low maintenance. With proper maintenance, they can run smoothly for years. If you are looking for a diesel generator but still confused about how to reduce fuel consumption of diesel generators, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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