Generator Manufacturer Dingbo Explains the Six Functions of Oil

Jan. 11, 2022

Diesel generator set in the maintenance process, the most common is to change oil.  Special attention is paid to the replaced waste oil, which is dangerous waste. When the engine is running, the oil pressure is usually maintained in the region of 150 to 350kPa. When the oil pressure is too low or too high, the oil indicator light on the dashboard of the diesel generator set will blink.  


According to the diesel generator set model specifications, engine oil storage is not the same, each type of diesel generator set required to add oil is also very different, some diesel generator set maintenance must be 3L oil, some must be 4L or 5L oil.  However, the oil storage capacity of each barrel will not be customized according to the amount of diesel generator set you just need. 


 Generator Manufacturer Dingbo Explains the Six Functions of Oil

Oil, that is, engine lubricating oil, can lubricate the engine to reduce wear, assist cooling, sealing and leakage prevention, rust prevention and corrosion prevention, shock absorption and buffering.  Called the blood of a diesel generator set.  Oil consists of base oil price and food additives.  Base oil price is the main component of lubricating oil, depends on the basic characteristics of lubricating oil, food additives can supplement and improve the lack of base oil price characteristics, give some new characteristics, is a key component of lubricating oil.  

1, lubrication and wear reduction: piston and cylinder, spindle and bearing middle have a rapid relative sliding, in order to prevent the wear of parts too fast, you must establish an oil film between the two sliding surfaces.  An oil film of sufficient thickness separates the surfaces of parts that are sliding relative to each other to achieve the goal of reducing wear.  

2. Cooling and cooling: the oil can bring the heat back to the fuel tank and then send it into the air to help the water tank cool the engine.  

3, cleaning cleaning: good oil can engine parts on the carbide, sludge, wear metal particles through the cycle back to the fuel tank, through the flow of lubricating oil, washed the parts on the surface of the dirt.  

4, sealing and leakage prevention: oil can form a sealing ring between the piston ring and the piston, reduce the leakage of gas and prevent the outside pollutants into.  

5, rust and corrosion prevention: lubricating oil can absorb on the surface of parts to prevent water, air, acid substances and harmful gas contact with parts.  

6, shock absorption buffer: when the pressure of the engine cylinder mouth rises sharply, the load on the piston, piston chip, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing is suddenly increased. This load is lubricated by the transmission of the bearing, so that the impact load bears the function of buffer.  

An oil change is always highly recommended. When should you do it?  Many diesel generator set maintenance, has been very easy to be misunderstood.  Add well afraid of pit, don't add well afraid of damage to the diesel generator set. 

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