Diesel Generator Set Noise Treatment Solutions

Jan. 27, 2023

When the diesel generator set operates, it usually produces 95-110 decibels (a) of noise, causing serious damage to the surrounding environment. So, what measures should be taken to control the noise of diesel generator set when the noise source cannot be reduced? Noise source analysis of diesel generator set The diesel generator set noise is a complex sound source composed of multiple sound sources. According to the noise radiation mode, it can be divided into aerodynamic noise, surface radiation noise and electromagnetic noise. According to the causes, the surface radiation noise of diesel generator set can be divided into combustion noise and mechanical noise. Aerodynamic noise is the main source of diesel engine noise.

1. Aerodynamic noise is the noise generated by diesel generator set due to the unstable process of gas, that is, the disturbance of gas and the interaction between gas and object. Aerodynamic noise directly radiates into the atmosphere, including intake noise, exhaust noise and cooling fan noise.

2. Electromagnetic noise is the noise of diesel engine set caused by generator rotor rotating at high speed in electromagnetic field.

3. It is difficult to strictly distinguish combustion noise from mechanical noise. Generally speaking, due to the pressure fluctuation caused by the combustion in the cylinder of the diesel generator set, the noise of the diesel generator set radiates outward through the cylinder head, the piston, the connecting porch, the crankshaft and the engine body, which is called combustion noise. The noise of the diesel generator set caused by the impact of the piston on the cylinder liner and the mechanical impact vibration of the moving parts is called mechanical noise. Generally speaking, the combustion noise of the direct injection diesel engine is higher than the mechanical noise, while the mechanical noise of the non-direct injection diesel engine is higher than the combustion noise. However, combustion noise is higher than mechanical noise at low speed.

Diesel Generator Set Noise Treatment Solutions

Noise control measures for diesel generator set Noise control measures for diesel generator set 1: The sound insulation room is installed at the diesel generator set, and the size of the sound insulation room is 8.0m × 3.0m × 3.5m, the outer wall of the sound insulation board is galvanized 1.2mm, the inner wall is 0.8mm perforated plate, the middle filler is 32kg/m3 ultra-fine glass wool, and the concave surface of the channel steel is filled with glass wool.

Noise control measures for diesel generator set: exhaust noise elimination.

The diesel generator set relies on its own fan for exhaust. AES rectangular muffler is installed at the front of the exhaust chamber. The size of the muffler is 1.2m × 1.1m × 0.9m, the muffler is equipped with a 200 mm thick and 100 mm spacing muffler plate, which is a galvanized perforated plate structure with ultra-fine glass wool on both sides. Nine mufflers of the same size are assembled into one 1.2m × 3.3m × 2.7m large muffler. 300 mm in front of the muffler is an exhaust louver of the same size.

Noise control measures for diesel generator set: natural intake muffler is installed on the top of the sound insulation room. The muffler is the same as the exhaust muffler, with a net muffler length of 1.0m and a section size of 3.4m × 2.0m, the thickness of the muffler is 200mm, and the spacing is 200mm. The muffler is externally connected with an unlined 90 ° muffler elbow with a length of 1.2 meters.

Diesel generator set noise control measure IV: smoke exhaust and noise elimination.

The silencing is carried out by two residential silencers matched with the original diesel generator set. The silenced smoke is combined into a 450mm smoke pipe, which extends from the exhaust louver and discharges upwards.

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