Emergency Shutdown Failure of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 27, 2023

During the use of the diesel generator set, some unexpected situations may occur due to the operator's neglect of maintenance or overload for a long time, so what conditions of the diesel generator set need emergency shutdown?

1. During operation, the diesel engine suddenly changes sound, the oil pressure drops or there is no oil pressure directly, which may damage the high-pressure oil pump and require emergency shutdown.

2. Observe that the rotating speed of the instrument increases automatically and stays high, which is likely to cause overspeed.

3. After working for a period of time, the temperature rises, or the temperature rises rapidly due to failure to start. This phenomenon is mainly due to poor cooling. The main reason is to check the radiator.

4. The sound of normal diesel generator set is clear and crisp. If there is abnormal sound or the sound history of knocking on the cylinder block, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection.

5. If there is oil or water leakage in the pipeline, it is also necessary to stop the machine for inspection.

Emergency Shutdown Failure of Diesel Generator Set

When the machine breaks down, stop the machine for inspection as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage to the machine and minimize the damage to the machine.

The reasons for high water temperature of diesel generating set

When the diesel generator set is used in the hot summer, the abnormal phenomenon of high temperature will occur, which will also affect the use of the set.

The high water temperature of the unit is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1.The cooling water tank radiator surface is not clean;

2.Insufficient coolant in cooling water tank;

3.Cooling water pump failure;

4.Thermostat failure;

5.Use unqualified coolant;

6.The generator has been used for too long and some components are damaged.

Solution to the high water temperature of diesel generator set:

1) The radiator surface of the cooling water tank is not clean. The main reason is that the surface of the radiator is easy to be blocked in the dusty environment or debris is sucked to the water tank by the cooling fan when the unit is running, blocking the ventilation and causing poor heat dissipation. Clean the radiator surface of the water tank with water or remove sundries. Therefore, daily attention must be paid to keeping the environment in the computer room clean.

2) The coolant in the cooling water tank is insufficient. It is necessary to check the cause of cooling water loss, check whether there is leakage in the cooling water tank and cooling water pipes of the fuselage, and repair it immediately if there is any leakage. Then replenish the coolant to the normal level.

3) The failure of the cooling water pump causes the cooling water not to circulate and causes the water temperature to rise. This is caused by the wear and leakage of the internal gear after the water pump has been used for a long time. This fault is also rare in standby oil engines. Only contact generator set manufacturer to repair or replace the water pump.

4) Thermostat failure. The thermostat fails to open, so that the cooling water temperature cannot be changed when the cooling water temperature changes.

The circulation path controls the flow of cooling water into the cooling water tank to adjust the cooling intensity. The thermostat needs to be replaced at this time.

5) The use of unqualified cooling liquid makes the cooling water pipes accumulate scale, rust and other substances that hinder the circulation of cooling water and cause the water temperature to rise. For the use of cooling liquid, we should at least use qualified tap water, can use distilled water, deionized water or pure water.

6) After the generator has been used for a long time, the cooling fan belt will gradually age and become inelastic or a belt will break, causing the cooling fan to lose its normal blowing capacity. At this time, replace the cooling fan belt again. Another case is that the worn pulley bearing of the cooling fan sags, causing the belt to relax and affecting the blowing capacity. However, this phenomenon is rare in standby oil engines. It can be avoided as long as the cooling fan pulley bearing is sufficiently lubricated during normal maintenance.

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