Home Use Diesel Generator: Portable and Fixed Generators

Mar. 06, 2022

Home use diesel generators are designed to provide power in case of power shortage or short-term failure. Home use generators not only provide lighting in case of power failure, but also provide power for air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves, televisions, heaters and other appliances according to their capacity.

There are two types of home use generators: portable and fixed generators. In case of power shortage or power interruption, small portable home use generators can be used to run selected appliances, such as lamps, refrigerators, stoves and drainage pumps. Generators range in size and capacity from 1 kW to 100 kW. Homw use generators use diesel, gasoline, propane or natural gas. The cheapest is a portable gasoline engine.

Home Use Diesel Generator: Portable and Fixed Generators

The size and type of generator depend on the owner's requirements. Do you need to power the whole house or run only a few selected appliances? The total number of appliances to be operated must be determined and the total wattage added. Some electrical equipment or appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, consume two to three times the normal power when starting. A generator with a capacity exceeding the maximum power requirement of the appliance must be selected. The total electrical load on the generator shall not exceed the manufacturer's rating. In addition, the generator must have the rated voltage required to operate equipment with a rated voltage of 240 volts or other voltages. 

Portable generators should not be connected to the home wiring system and use the recommended extension cable. Overload of wires can cause fire. Do not put wires under the carpet, otherwise the carpet will be damaged. The power load on the socket must be balanced. Portable generators must be placed outside the house. Carbon monoxide emitted through these generators may be harmful to health. Before refueling, be sure to let the generator cool down.

Fixed home use diesel generators require professional personnel or a licensed electrical contractor to install them. The generator is connected to the home wiring system through an automatic transfer switch. The fixed generator is equipped with automatic power monitoring system. Once the power is interrupted, the generator will automatically start to supply power and shut down automatically after the normal power is restored. Most generators run on natural gas and can be connected to the home's natural gas pipeline. This eliminates the inconvenience of refueling the generator. There are also models that use LPG and diesel. A generator of 8 kW to 17 kW is sufficient to supply power to lights, computers, refrigerators, medical equipment, stoves and water heaters. Generators should be installed in well ventilated structures as they generate heat and smoke. 

No matter what type of generator, each generator shall provide 50 or 60 Hz power to ensure the normal operation of any electronic equipment. For more information, please continue to contact us right now by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com or call us +8613481024441.

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