Yuchai YC6C/YC6TD Series Diesel Engine Power for 400-650kW Genset

Mar. 05, 2022

Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a diesel generator factory in China, founded in 2006. All their diesel genset has passed CE and ISO certification. As the OEM supplier of Yuchai diesel engine, our diesel generator with Yuchai engine is popular by our clients due to good quality and low price.


YC6T/YC6TD series Diesel Engine Brief Introduction

The YC6T/YC6TD series engine is a self-developed product by Yuchai combining the advanced technology for large engines both at home and abroad. The configurations, such as four valves, turbocharged intercooled, and electronic unit pump, are adopted for it. And it is optimized and verified through the advanced combustion development technology of Yuchai, and is characterized by energy-saving and environment-friendly, high reliability, strong loading capability and good maintainability.

 Yuchai YC6C/YC6TD Series Diesel Engine Power for 400-650kW Genset

What is the features of Yuchai engine series YC6T/YC6TD for diesel generator set?

1. The technologies of four valves and turbocharged intercooled are adopted for ensuring sufficient air intake, full combustion and flow fuel consumption.

2. Electronically-control high pressure common rail or electronic unit sient speed governing performance, and strong loading capability.

3. High power density.

4. High quality alloy cast iron cylinder block and cylinder head are adopted, which ensure high reliability.

5. It is characterized by good cold start performance.The dual speed-down starter and electronically-control fuel injection technology are adopted, which ensure rapid start.

6. It is characterized by good universality of parts, high serialization degree, structure of one head for one cylinder, and low comprehensive maintenance cost.

7. Requirements for grade G3 generator sets performance is satisfied. Meet the Non-road T3 emission standard.

8. Support dual energy start.


Here are the Yuchai engine model power for 400-660kw diesel genset

 Item NameMain technical data





TypeVertical, in-line, water-cooled, four stroke
Air intake modeTurbocharged, intercooled
Combustion chamber formDirect injection necking ω combustion chamber
Number of cylinder6
Number of cylinder valves4
Cylinder diameter  mm145152
Piston stroke  mm165180
Displacement  L16.3519.6
Compression ratio15:114:1
Cylinder typeWet cylinder liner
Fuel supply systemElectric control unit pump(ECP)Electric control unit pump(ECP)/Electronically controlled high voltage common rail(HPCR)Electronically controlled high voltage common rail(HPCR)
Lubrication modePressure and splash hybrid
Start modeElectric starting
Oil capacity  L  5255
Work order1—5—3—6—2—4
Crankshaft rotation directionCounterclockwise (facing the power output)
Rated power / speed  kW@1500rpm441520561605668
Standby power / speed kW@1500rpm485572616665735
Fuel consumption rate under rated working conditions g/(kW·h)≤195
Oil consumption rate  g/(kW·h)≤0.5
Minimum no-load speed  r/min650-700
Fuel gradeSummer:GB 252-2011 premium grade or first grade # 0, #10 ordinary dieselWinter:GB 252-2011 premium grade or first grade #0, #-10, #-20, #-35 light ordinary diesel (select by ambient temperature)
Oil gradeSummer: 15w-40, winter: 10W-30, diesel engine oil with quality grade not lower than CH-4.
Speed drop  %≤1
Relative speed setting falling range   %≥3.5
Relative speed setting rising range   %≥2.5
Steady state speed fluctuation   %≤0.5
Transient speed deviation (to rated speed) %100% Sudden power reduction≤+10
Sudden power≤-7
Speed recovery time   s≤5
Maximum allowable intake resistance kPa5
Maximum allowable exhaust back pressure  kPa10
Noise limit  Lw  dB(A)≤100
EmissionNon road Stage III(T3)
Adaptive genset power   kW

Prime :400

Standby: 440









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