How to Choose A Engine And How much A 150KW Diesel Generator Set Cost

Dec. 03, 2021

Presumably many people in the primary diesel generator 150KW will always encounter a problem, that is, how much is the price of the diesel generator.  Because buy cheap afraid to buy knockoff goods, buy expensive limited budget, do not have to be too good.  So this is a point of concern for enterprise users.  Now to give you a specific say.  But at this time also need to pay attention to the selection of a regular reliable diesel generator set manufacturer top Bo power, to avoid their own purchase to false goods.  


How much does 150KW diesel generator set cost?  What brand of engine is chosen?  


The choice of diesel generator set is like the choice of vehicles in our daily life. It is different from the manufacturer, the product quality and the price.  At present, the 150KW diesel engine manufacturers on the market are Weichai, Cummins, Yuchai, Shangchai, Perkins, Korea Daewoo, Chongqing Koch, Wuxi Power and so on.  In many manufacturers, the generator set most suitable for their own capital income is the best diesel generator set, according to the specific situation of their own use can be selected.  


My factory sells well 150KW diesel generator set manufacturers have 3 kinds, basically the penetration rate of China's manufacturers of core model specifications, more and more manufacturers of model specifications can ask the manufacturer Guangxi Top bo power, we all supply you with more and more manufacturers of model specifications selection.  

From the chart, we can see that there are 6 types of 150KW diesel generator set specifications. Different types of specifications differ from each other in technical parameters and hardware configuration. Technical parameters can be compared with data, but specific hardware configuration performance indicators should refer to the corresponding product description.  

 How to Choose A Engine And How much A 150KW Diesel Generator Set Cost

What is the reason for the price difference of 150KW diesel generator set?  


On the one hand, the diesel engine manufacturers, select different manufacturer of diesel engine, different specifications of the most commonly used diesel engine power output, the greater the output power level is higher, at the same time choose a diesel engine emission standard is different also, some of them are the three emissions standards, some specifications are the two standards.  

What is the specific difference between the performance indicators of 150KW diesel generator set?  If you want to know these problems, customers can contactGuangxi Dingbo electric powercan field inspection to understand the details of goods, but also can invite my factory technical staff (free) service to provide professional guidance and engineering construction recommendation.  


We all return to the subject of price, usually the price of the imported generator set is higher than the same hardware configuration and output power of the domestic generator set.  The generator set hardware configuration and output power is the same, the generator set manufacturer is not the same, the price of the generator set is not the same.  


Generator set manufacturer and output power is the same, the generator set hardware configuration is not the same in the case of the generator set price is not the same, the generator set hardware configuration is mobile trailer, static speakers and so on.  The specific work depends on what kind of hardware configuration.  

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