What Gas should be Choose for Industrial And Household Generators

Dec. 03, 2021

A good diesel generator is the pursuit of more efficient production and operation of enterprises. Because as you will see, a good diesel generator also represents the quality and efficiency of the business. When many people decide to buy a diesel generator, they are still confused by the variety of generator models available. Dingbo electric power to do some homework for you, I hope to help you business operators to avoid detours.  

Now we take stock of the standby power industrial generator and household generator which is better, to help you save time and cost of choosing, so that the production and operation of enterprises more efficient.  Backup power There are various industrial generators, which one is better for home use?  

What Gas should be Choose for Industrial And Household Generators


Industrial diesel generators are very different from domestic diesel generators. Industrial diesel generators can withstand long-term extreme conditions under less than ideal conditions. Engines range in power output from 20kW to 3000kW, with outputs from 150hp to 4000hp, but types of industrial diesel generators also vary. To get the maximum usage for your industry needs, you need to choose the right type.  

Industrial diesel generator brands include Dingbo Cummins, Dingbo Yuchai, Dingbo Shangchai, Dingbo Weichai, Dingbo Volvo, Dingbo Perkins and many other well-known brands at home and abroad.  


Diesel generator  

Diesel engines are known for their durability, long life and low maintenance workload.  A diesel engine running at 1800rpm can run 12,000 to 30,000 hours between major maintenance services. The same gas engine may need a major overhaul after 6,000 to 10,000 hours of operation.  

Diesel burns less than gasoline, reducing engine heat and wear. By improving the efficiency and energy density of diesel, the cost of generating electricity from diesel generators can also be reduced. Diesel is a dirty fuel, but improvements in engine technology have reduced diesel emissions. In general, up to 20 biodiesel blends can be safely used in ordinary diesel engines.  


Natural gas generator  

Natural gas generators run on propane or liquefied petroleum gas. Natural gas has the advantage of being easily stored underground or in above-ground storage tanks. It is also a clean burning fuel that can reduce emissions problems. Natural gas-powered generators are durable, but can be more expensive when first purchased. Natural gas is typically cheaper than other fuels, but more expensive to operate because it has to be trucked to facilities. The output power of a natural gas generator is lower than that of a diesel generator of similar size. You might need to move up one dimension to get the same result.  Therefore, natural gas generators are not the best choice for large industrial applications.  

Gasoline generator  

Gasoline generators are usually purchased at a lower price. Gas generators can run for long periods of time, but require more maintenance. Gasoline deteriorates rubber parts and speeds engine wear. Gasoline storage is more difficult because of the high likelihood of fire and explosion. Also, long-term storage is not ideal because gasoline itself deteriorates. Therefore, gasoline generators are not suitable for large industrial applications.  

The mobile industrial diesel generator is a trailer-mounted version that does more than pull back when walking. Prior to the establishment of power sources, large mobile industrial diesel generators were well suited for construction sites. Emergency workers often use these devices when a lot of power is needed on the site.  

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