How to Cool Down the Diesel Generator Set in Hot Weather

Aug. 03, 2022

When the diesel generator set is working, the heat generated by high-temperature gas friction will raise the temperature of cylinder (head), piston, valve and other parts, especially in summer, in the high humidity and high heat environment, the cooling work of the diesel generator set is more important, otherwise the diesel engine is prone to overheating, resulting in the power, economy and working reliability of the diesel generator set will be reduced. Therefore, when using diesel generator sets in summer, the cooling work should not be sloppy. Here are some tips for cooling of diesel generators for your reference:


Keep the cooling system working properly

1. Removing scale often has a great impact on the cooling system. Therefore, strengthening the cleaning of the cooling system is very necessary to ensure the heat dissipation effect of the diesel engine. Keeping the cooling system clean can effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the diesel generator set and provide a good operating environment for generator set.


2. Keep the radiator clean. Dredge and flush the water radiator. If the outside of the radiator is stained with soil, oil or the radiator is deformed due to collision, the heat dissipation effect of the generator set will be affected. If this situation is found during use, it should be cleaned or repaired in time.


3. Keep sufficient coolant. When the diesel generator set is in the cold state, the coolant level should be between the high and low marks of the water tank, not too high or too low, otherwise the cooling effect of the generator set will be affected.


4. Ensure the tightness of the transmission belt.


5. Pay attention to the working condition of the thermostat, the sealing condition of the cooling system and the ventilation condition of the vent on the radiator cap, and make irregular inspection.

 Diesel Generator Set

Maintain the temperature of the operating environment of the diesel generator set


In order to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set, it is necessary to provide a good ventilation environment, especially to ensure that the exhaust and smoke exhaust conditions of the water tank are good, and at the same time, to ensure that the ground of the machine room is clean and well ventilated. In addition, if it is used outdoors, the generator should be placed in a cool place as far as possible. If there is no condition, a wooden board can be built on the generator to release the direct exposure of the sun. At the same time, attention should be paid to, Avoid covering the position of the exhaust hole when erecting the board to ensure smooth exhaust.


Avoid overload of diesel generator set


If the diesel generator is overloaded for a long time, the cooling effect of the coolant will be poor, resulting in the generator set temperature is too high, affecting normal use. In addition, if the fan tape is too loose, the speed of the water pump will be too low, which will affect the circulation of coolant and accelerate the wear of the tape; If the tape is too tight, it will wear the water pump bearings. Therefore, the fan tape should be properly tightened and free from oil stains.


In hot summer, once the cooling work of the diesel generator set is not done well, it is likely to cause the diesel generator set failure, which cannot guarantee its operation stability, so the cooling problem must not be sloppy.

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