Can Reduce Frequency of Maintenance for Generators That Are Not Often Used

Aug. 03, 2022

According to the classification of purposes, diesel generator sets can be divided into common diesel generator sets, standby diesel generator sets and emergency diesel generator sets. The emergency generator sets can quickly start up and operate in case of sudden interruption of the mains power, and provide stable AC power to the load in the shortest time to ensure timely power supply to the load. Under normal circumstances, most of the emergency generator sets are idle for a long time and will not be used frequently. Can the emergency generator reduce the frequency of maintenance? The answer is obviously No. 

Here you may have a misunderstanding that the frequently used generator set needs regular maintenance, while the emergency generator set with low frequency of use can not be too diligent in maintenance, which is actually very wrong. Due to long-term static, various materials in the emergency diesel generator set will have chemical or physical changes with cooling water, antifreeze, engine oil, diesel oil, air, etc, cause problems such as shorter service life of the machine and failure. In case of power failure, it may not be able to start normally in time. Therefore, if the unit is not used for a long time, it must be maintained regularly. For the maintenance of emergency diesel generator set, we should pay attention to several aspects:

 Silent generator set

1. Keep the machine room and equipment clean

Do not put sundries in the machine room, and keep it dry, tidy and well ventilated; The dust on the surface of the machine body should be cleaned regularly.


2. Replace the filter regularly

For the emergency unit that has not been used for a long time, because impurities enter the body, the filter element acts as a filter protection operation for the unit, thus reducing the filtration capacity. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the three filters every two years, depending on the specific situation.


3. Cleaning water tank

The outside of the water tank can be flushed with hot water. During cleaning, be careful not to let water get into the diesel engine. The method of descaling inside the water tank is also very simple. Water, caustic soda and kerosene are mixed into a cleaning solution and poured into the water tank. After starting the generator and running for about ten minutes, turn off the engine, discharge the cleaning solution, and then add clean water for cleaning twice or three times.


4. Regular start

Starting the generator regularly can master the condition of the generator to ensure that it is available at any time. Generally, it is recommended to start it once a month and run it for about 30 minutes each time.


If you want emergency generator set to be in a good standby state, you have to do regular maintenance and inspection on it at ordinary times. You can't reduce the maintenance frequency on your own, otherwise it may cause immeasurable losses.

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