How to Repair Radiator of Deutz Diesel Generator

Jul. 11, 2021

The radiator of Deutz diesel generator can help the engine to dissipate heat. The radiator core is composed of a row of copper tubes. The coolant flows in the copper tubes of the radiator core, and the oil from the diesel generator circulates outside the tubes.In the flow process, the high temperature oil is cooled by the coolant to ensure a certain oil temperature.

When the copper tube of the radiator is broken or the seals at both ends of the radiator core fail, the coolant may enter into the oil pan of Deutz diesel generator through the oil passage. When the generator works, the oil pressure should be higher than the circulating water pressure. Under the effect of pressure difference, the oil can enter into the coolant through the crack of copper tube, which indicates there is oil in the generator water tank.

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When Deutz diesel generator stops working, because the water level of the water tank is higher than that of the oil radiator, under the pressure caused by this height difference, the cooling water will enter the oil pan of the diesel generator through the radiator pipe through the oil passage. It is necessary to judge whether there is oil in the radiator of Deutz diesel generator.

When the radiator core copper tube is damaged, it should be checked with the help of compressed air. Seal both ends of the radiator core with iron plate, and leave a small hole at one end. After filling the copper tube with water through the small hole, use 7kg compressed air to blow in from the small hole and keep it for 5-10min. If water or gas comes out of the radiator oil passage, it can be determined that the radiator copper tube is damaged and needs to be replaced. If the sealing between the two ends of the radiator core and the radiator shell fails, the cooling water may enter the oil pan.

After the water leakage is found in the radiator, the radiator shall be cleaned first, and then the leakage inspection shall be conducted. During inspection, the following two methods can be used:

1.Plug the inlet and outlet of the radiator, install a joint from the overflow pipe or drain plug, and inject 0.15-0.3kgf/cm2 compressed air. Put the radiator in the pool. If there are bubbles, it is the place where the leak is broken.

2.Check with irrigation. When checking, plug the water inlet and outlet of the radiator. After filling the water inlet with water, observe whether there is water leakage. In order to find small cracks, you can apply a certain pressure to the radiator or make the radiator vibrate slightly, and then observe carefully. Water will seep out from the leakage.

If you find the leakage of the radiator, you should repair it in time. Here are two repair methods:

1.Welding repair of upper and lower water chambers.

When the leakage of upper and lower water chambers is small, it can be repaired directly with solder. If the leakage is large, it can be repaired with purple steel sheet. When repairing, apply a layer of solder on one side of the steel sheet and the broken part, put the steel sheet on the leaking part, and then heat it externally with a soldering iron to melt the solder and weld it firmly around.

2.Welding repair of radiator water pipe.

If there is a small break in the outer water pipe of the radiator, the heat sink near the water pipe can be removed with sharp nose pliers and directly repaired with solder. If the break is large or the middle water pipe leaks, the methods of pipe sticking, pipe plugging, pipe connecting and pipe changing should be adopted according to the specific situation. However, the number of stuck pipes and blocked pipes shall not exceed 10% of the number of main pipes, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the radiator.

When use radiator in Deutz diesel generator, we also should pay attention to avoid corrosion of radiator.

Corrosion is the main cause of radiator failure of Deutz diesel generator set. In order to prevent this situation, we should always keep the pipe joints from leaking, and regularly add water from the radiator top to discharge air to keep the system airless. The radiator should not be in the condition of partial water injection and discharge, because it will accelerate the corrosion. For the generator that does not work, it is necessary to pump out or fill up all the water. If possible, use distilled water or natural soft water, and add appropriate amount of antirust agent.

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