How to Ensure Diesel Power Generator Achieve Effective Heat Dissipation

Dec. 05, 2022

When the diesel generator set is working, diesel power generator temperature will rise. If proper cooling measures are not taken, the diesel genset temperature will be too high, which will lead to lower inflation coefficient, abnormal fuel combustion, increased fuel consumption, and reduced genset power. At this time, it is very important whether the radiator of the diesel generator set can effectively dissipate heat. How to ensure that the diesel generator set can achieve effective heat dissipation?

1. Users who use high-power diesel generator sets are recommended to install cooling water towers.

Generally, high-power diesel generator sets adopt water-cooled cooling system, and the installation of cooling tower can ensure that the diesel generator sets work at the optimal water temperature of 85-90 ℃.

2. Ensure that the air in diesel power generator room is smooth, and the ventilator can be installed.

Ventilation is an important part of the design of the diesel generator room. It is necessary to ensure sufficient air circulation to discharge the heat, smoke and waste gas generated by the engine, generator and its auxiliary equipment, and supplement the air required for combustion. Dingbo Power suggests that the generator room can be equipped with an air exchange fan, so that the generator radiator can achieve more effective heat dissipation.

How to Ensure Diesel Power Generator Achieve Effective Heat Dissipation

3. Increase the air cooling effect for the generator, that is, increase the fan to blow air to the generator. At the same time, the positioning of the fan and the air inlet must ensure that the ventilation airflow passes through the generator set.

4. Check whether the diesel generator bearing is correctly assembled and whether the oil brand is selected correctly to avoid overheating of the unit due to excessive heating caused by external reasons.

5. Try to control the diesel generator to avoid overload operation.

The ultra compliant operation of the diesel generator set will not only accelerate the aging of the components of the unit and make the unit appear mechanical fatigue, but also when the overload operation reaches the bearing capacity of the diesel generator, the components inside the engine body will be subject to thermal deformation, reducing the heat dissipation effect and overall stability of the unit.

6. Before starting, check whether the cooling system of the diesel generator is normal, such as:

1) Check whether the cooling system pipes and clamps of diesel genset are firmly and reliably installed, and the exhaust pipe is installed, and whether the diesel generator leaks water;

2) Check whether the cooling liquid level is normal, whether there is leakage, and whether the radiator tank cap is installed correctly;

3) Check whether the belt is loose or damaged, and tighten the tensioner pulley;

4) In winter, check the antifreeze content;

5) Check whether the installation clearance of fan and fan cover is correct.

The radiator of the diesel generator set is one of the indispensable and important parts of the generator set. It undertakes to disperse the heat generated during the operation of the diesel generator set into the atmosphere to reduce the temperature of the cooling water. Doing the above work well can ensure that the radiator of the diesel generator set can be in a good and effective state.

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