Too Much or Too Little Oil for Diesel Generator Set is Not Allowed

Dec. 05, 2022

The engine oil plays a lubricating role, which can reduce the wear between parts of the diesel generator set. The diesel generator set is a kind of power generation equipment with high precision of parts, so the requirements for the selection of engine oil are relatively high. When selecting engine oil, the engine oil of the appropriate brand should be selected according to the local season and temperature. In general, the type of lubricating oil used for the machine is specified in the instructions of each type of diesel engine, and attention should be paid to when filling engine oil, too much or too little oil is not allowed.

Too Much or Too Little Oil for Diesel Generator Set is Not Allowed

When the engine oil is added too much, diesel generator set will produce violent agitation between components during the working process, which will overload the unit and cause power loss. In addition, if the engine oil is added too much, it will splash on the cylinder wall and enter the intake pipe through the crankcase ventilation system, which will cause engine oil burning fault, blue smoke from the exhaust, and increase the oil consumption of the engine oil.

However, too little oil will lead to insufficient lubrication between parts, which will aggravate the wear of parts. Serious insufficient lubrication will cause overheating of the diesel generator set, leading to mechanical failure of some parts, and easy to cause failures such as bush burning and cylinder pulling of the unit, which will affect the service life of the diesel generator set.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set, the oil level of the engine oil should be observed before starting to ensure that the oil level is within the specified range. When the crankcase oil is insufficient, it should be added to the specified oil level, and find out the reason for the lack of oil. When the oil level is too high, it should check whether there is water and fuel leakage in the engine oil, find out the reason, eliminate it and replace the engine oil.

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