How to Install 200kW Cummins Diesel Generator

May. 24, 2022

The 200kW Cummins diesel generator set is a strong joint venture product in China and is excellent in use. Because it adopts the PT fuel system patented by Cummins, the engine has higher reliability, durability, power and fuel economy while meeting environmental emission. Therefore, it is applied in many industries. In order to use the generator set normally, correct installation is the first step. It is also an important premise to reduce faults and prolong the service life of diesel generator. How to install 200kW Cummins diesel generator? 

The Correct Methods to Install 200kW Cummins diesel generator

1) Before installing 200kW Cummins diesel generator, the user must inspect the site and prepare a detailed transportation, hoisting and installation scheme according to the actual situation of the site.

2) For the sake of safety, the user needs to check the construction quality and anti earthquake measures of the foundation.

3) Users need to select appropriate lifting equipment and rigging according to the installation position and weight of the unit, and hoist the equipment in place. The transportation and hoisting of the unit must be operated by the rigger and coordinated.

4) Installation of exhaust system: the exhaust system of 200 kW Cummins diesel generator is composed of flange connected pipes, supports, bellows and muffler. Before installing the generator set, users should add asbestos gasket at the flange connection and ensure the correct installation of muffler.

5) The installation of fuel and cooling system mainly includes the installation of oil storage tank, oil tank, cooling water tank, electric heater, pump, instrument and pipeline. If users do not know how to install, they can consult the staff of Dingbo Power.

6) Ground wire installation

a. During the installation of ground wire, the user needs to connect the neutral wire of the generator with the grounding bus with special ground wire and nut, and set signs.

b. The accessible conductors of generator body and mechanical part shall be reliably connected with protective grounding (PE) or grounding wire (pen).

How to Install 200kW Cummins Diesel Generator

Problems Needing Attention During Installation of 200kW Cummins Diesel Generator

Protect the equipment

1) When the equipment cannot be installed in place temporarily after being transported to the site, it shall be covered in time to prevent wind, sun and rain. If there is an equipment warehouse, it is best to store the equipment in the warehouse.

2) The unit and its auxiliary equipment shall be installed in the machine room, and the door of the machine room shall be locked.

3) All types of work shall cooperate with each other to protect the equipment from collision damage.

4) After the unit is installed, the machine room shall be kept dry to prevent equipment corrosion.

Quality problems needing attention

1) The construction personnel shall conduct wiring in strict accordance with the design and the wiring mode marked on generator to prevent incorrect wiring.

2) The neutral line (working zero line) of the unit and the outgoing terminal of the grounding bus shall be directly connected with special bolts. The bolt locking devices shall be complete and have grounding marks to avoid the loose connection between the neutral line (working zero line) of the generator and the grounding bus.

Safety and environmental protection measures

1) Safe operation requirements

a. During live line operation, workers must wear insulating shoes, and at least two people work, one of them operates and the other supervises.

b. Before commissioning of diesel genset, it is necessary to check whether the line wiring is correct and whether the protective measures are complete. The power on commissioning can be carried out only after confirmation.

2) Environmental protection measures

a. Prevent leakage and spillage of diesel oil during transportation or storage, resulting in environmental pollution.

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