How to Operate and Use Volvo Generator Correctly

Jan. 31, 2023

Today, let's briefly introduce the problem of how to correctly operate and use the Volvo generator. What else do you need to know about this? Welcome to consult our Dingbo Power website. Next, let's introduce the relevant content to you.

Before starting the Volvo generator, we should make the following preparations: check whether the coolant in the diesel engine water tank is sufficient, and ensure that the coolant in the water tank is full of water. Check whether the oil in the oil pan and fuel injection pump is sufficient, and keep the oil level close to the scale line on the oil level gauge. Check whether there is enough diesel in the daily diesel tank, open the fuel tank switch, and check whether there is leakage in the fuel pipeline. Check whether there are bubbles in the fuel pipeline. If there are bubbles, exhaust the air in the pipeline, otherwise it will affect the normal start of Volvo generator. Thoroughly check whether the connection of all parts of Volvo generator is normal and whether the fastening screws are loose. Check whether the starting line of the generator is correct and whether the connectors of each line are loose. Whether the battery power is sufficient.

How to Operate and Use Volvo Generator Correctly

The Volvo generator can only be started after the above inspection and preparation before starting: insert the start key, turn the start switch to the start position, and the diesel engine starts. If the diesel engine cannot be started successfully, the continuous working time of starting should not exceed 10 seconds. If the first startup fails, the second startup shall be carried out after two minutes. If the first startup fails for three consecutive times, the reason shall be checked separately.

After the Volvo generator is successfully started, it shall be kept at idle speed (diesel engine speed 750~800 rpm) and run for about 5 minutes. Running at idle speed can effectively lubricate the internal components of the diesel engine with oil, and also warm up the engine. At the same time of idling, check the diesel engine pressure gauge, observe whether the oil pressure gauge has a count, and check whether each component has three leaks (oil, water and air).

After idling for 5 minutes, gradually increase the speed of the diesel engine to reach the standard speed (1500 rpm). Check again whether the oil pressure gauge counts normally. At this time, the reading of the oil pressure gauge should be between 3 and 5kg. Check whether the three-phase voltmeter count of the generator is 400V and the reading of the frequency meter is 50Hz. Keep the unit running at the standard speed for 2~3 minutes, then prepare to switch on and power on, and enter the process of on-load operation.

Do not start all electrical equipment at the same time when loaded. Start large electrical equipment first (because the instantaneous starting current of large electrical equipment is relatively large), and then start small electrical equipment gradually. When carrying load, it must be kept in mind that overload operation, overload operation and overload operation are not allowed. During the operation of the unit, pay attention to the water quantity, oil quantity, water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure at any time, make up in time, and stop the machine for inspection in case of any abnormality.

The following points should also be achieved in the shutdown stage of Volvo generator: before determining the need for shutdown, the load should be removed gradually, and then the switch can be opened to prepare for shutdown. Reduce the speed of the diesel engine to idle speed. After running for 3~5 minutes without load (reduce the internal temperature of the diesel engine), pull the diesel engine flameout switch until the diesel engine stops completely. Close the fuel tank valve and cut off the battery power supply.

The above is the brief description of how to correctly operate and use the Volvo generator introduced by Dingbo Power. If you don't know anything about it, please come to consult our Dingbo Power website. We will have professionals to explain it to you.

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