Lubricant Oil Replacement of Electric Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 11, 2021

Diesel generator has become an indispensable equipment in modern society. When the main power grid fails, we use them to power our lives. In other words, generators also have their limitations. Sometimes they need maintenance to ensure that they work when we need them most. Neglecting to replace the lubricating oil of diesel generator regularly is one of the main factors causing poor maintenance. How often should the lubricating oil in the generator be replaced?


How often you must change the generator oil depends on the generator. Diesel generators come in various shapes and powers. To determine how often you must change the oil in the generator will depend on a number of factors. In order to give a comprehensive answer to this question, let's analyze the problem with several examples.


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Lubricant Oil Replacement of Electric Diesel Generator Set 

If you can't ensure that your industrial diesel generator is filled with enough oil, it may cause your engine to shut down. This means that your operation will effectively stop until the engine of the industrial diesel generator is replaced. To prevent shutdown, you need to change the oil in the generator at several check points.


1. After installation and during generator running in.


Many industrial diesel generators do not contain any oil during transportation. In order to reduce any injury caused by this, please confirm whether the generator has oil. This will determine whether you need to refuel after installing an industrial diesel generator.


In addition, your industrial diesel generator also needs to change oil soon after the running in process. During running in, unwanted particles (such as debris) are likely to enter the generator system and have a negative impact on the oil flow of the generator. Therefore, after running in, changing the oil can be used as preventive maintenance to avoid problems in the production line.


2. After major failure


Many problems related to the failure of industrial diesel generators are caused by the failure of oil system. If your oil is contaminated and the generator motor does not perform at its best, you may experience power spikes or other interruptions.


Therefore, if you encounter any type of failure, be sure to test the oil and investigate whether it is "dirty" or contaminated (e.g. full of debris). In addition, check the filter of industrial diesel generator to see if it filters oil correctly.


If you determine that the oil is actually dirty, replace the oil immediately to prevent any further failure.


3. After massive leakage.


If the oil level in your industrial diesel generator reaches a level that makes it unsafe for further operation, the generator should shut down automatically. If this happens, it may be a powerful indicator of serious leakage of your industrial diesel generator. Therefore, it is recommended that you repair the leak as soon as possible.


After repairing the leak, it is also important to replace the oil. This is done to ensure that no harmful substances or pollutants enter the industrial diesel generator system and flush them out before the generator continues to operate.


4. After the generator is widely used.


No matter what the reason is, the oil of the generator should be replaced after long-term use. This may be due to increased production requirements or more frequent national grid failures, forcing you to rely more frequently on industrial diesel generators.


The important reason for replacing the oil of industrial diesel generator after serious use is that it will only help the engine run smoothly and effectively.


5. At any time when the manufacturer recommends changing the oil.


This seems to be the most obvious, but it is important if the generator manufacturer recommends that you replace the oil of industrial diesel generators.


Usually, oil change is not considered important and ignored. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends that you change the oil at specific intervals in order to prevent engine failure due to oil-related reasons.


To ensure that you comply with this rule, it is recommended that you must track and record the oil replacement plan. The manufacturer also recommends that pushing the industrial diesel generator beyond its specified limit will also bring pressure to the oil system, which should be avoided as far as possible.


In summary, the interval at which you must replace the oil depends largely on the type of generator you are running.


In most cases, the oil replacement procedure of the generator does have a time period problem, but in most cases, the oil replacement of the industrial diesel generator depends on some events that trigger it.

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