What Types of Industrial Generators

Sep. 10, 2021

Industrial diesel generators are very different from domestic diesel generators. Industrial diesel generators can withstand long-term extreme environment under less ideal conditions. Although the power range is from 20kw to 3000kW, the types of industrial diesel generators are also different. You really need to choose the right type to get the maximum usage to meet your industrial needs.


Power requirements


The generator can provide single-phase or three-phase power supply, 220 V or 380 v. Industrial applications usually require three-phase power generation or 380 volts. Generators that meet a variety of requirements include those that provide 220 V service and 380 V service. The brands of industrial diesel generators include Dingbo Cummins, Dingbo Yuchai, Dingbo Shangchai, Dingbo Weichai, Dingbo Volvo, Dingbo Perkins and other domestic and foreign brands.


Diesel generator


Diesel engines are known for their durability, long life and generally low maintenance. Diesel engines operating at 1800rpm can operate for 12000 to 30000 hours between two major maintenance services. The same gas engine may need overhaul after 6000 to 10000 hours of operation.


The combustion temperature of diesel is lower than that of gasoline, which can reduce the heat and wear of the engine. By improving the efficiency and energy density of diesel fuel, the cost of electricity generated by diesel generators can also be reduced. Although diesel is a "dirty" fuel in form, the improvement of engine technology has reduced diesel emissions. Up to 20% biodiesel mixture can usually be safely used in ordinary diesel engines.

 What Types of Industrial Generators

Natural gas generator


Natural gas generators use propane or liquefied petroleum gas. Natural gas has the advantage of easy storage in underground or aboveground storage tanks. It is also a clean burning fuel that can reduce emissions. Generators running on natural gas are durable, but may be more expensive when first purchased.


Although natural gas is usually cheaper than other fuels, it must be transported to your facility by truck, which will increase operating costs. The output power of natural gas generator is lower than that of diesel generator of similar size. You may need to move up one dimension to get the same result. Therefore, natural gas generator is not the best choice for large-scale industrial applications.


Gasoline generator


The purchase price of gasoline generators is usually low. Although gas generators can operate for a long time, they do require more extensive maintenance. Gasoline deteriorates rubber parts, causing the engine to wear faster. Gasoline storage is more difficult due to the higher possibility of fire or explosion. In addition, gasoline itself will deteriorate, so long-term storage is not an ideal choice. Therefore, gasoline generator is not the best choice for large-scale industrial applications.


Mobile industrial diesel generator


Mobile industrial diesel generators are mounted on trailers, not the type you can simply pull behind when you walk. Before the establishment of power supply, large mobile industrial diesel generators were an excellent choice for use on construction sites. Emergency workers often use these equipment when a large amount of power is needed on site.


Power of generator


You need to consider the total power requirements in kilowatts to select the correct generator power. The type of device you will operate on also affects the equation. Equipment with a motor or compressor consumes more power at start-up than in operation mode. If you do not take this into account in your total demand, your generator is likely to be overloaded. Based on experience, determine your maximum needs and add 20% to the total to ensure security.


Dingbo Power has several brands of industrial diesel generators, which can be used for emergency standby and continuous use. Contact us and Dingbo power can help you determine the power and the best generator type to meet your needs.

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