Incorrect Start-up Of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 25, 2022

One: step on the gas and start

Do not fuel the diesel generator when it is started. Generally put the throttle to idle position can be. But many people in order to make the diesel generator set to start quickly, before starting or in the process of starting the door. The harm of this approach is: waste of fuel. Excess diesel will wash the cylinder wall, so that the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner lubrication deterioration and aggravate wear; Residual oil flowing into the oil pan will dilute the oil and reduce the lubrication effect; Too much diesel in the cylinder burns incompletely and carbon accumulates. Diesel engine throttle start, the speed may rise very fast, which will cause greater damage to the moving parts (aggravate wear or cause cylinder failure).

Perkins Genset

Two: strong cold trailer start

When the diesel generator is forced to start with trailer when the engine is cold and the oil viscosity is high, the wear between the moving parts of the diesel engine will be aggravated and the service life of the diesel engine will be reduced.

Three: do not change oil and fuel oil according to the season

In cold weather, if the oil and oil with low viscosity are not changed in time, the generator will be difficult to start or not start at all. Even a successful forcible start could cause incalculable damage to the diesel generator.

Four: no water start or sudden boiling water start

If there is no cooling water after the diesel generator starts, the temperature of the cylinder components, the cylinder head and the body will rise sharply. At this time, the injection of cooling water will make the hot cylinder liner, the cylinder head and other important parts caused by sudden cold burst or deformation. However, if you add about 100 boiling water to the cold body before starting, it will also crack the cylinder head, body and cylinder sleeve and other parts. It should be added when the water temperature drops to 60-70.

Five: open fire baking oil pan

Strong fire spray oil pan, easy to cause local deformation of oil pan or oil deterioration in the oil pan. Therefore, heating the oil in the oil pan should use a special heater (or steam) heating, at the same time slowly turn the oil shaft, so that the oil evenly heated, so that all parts are lubricated.

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