Maintenance Method of Overload of 250KW Diesel Generator

Jan. 24, 2022

Do you know how to maintenance 250kw diesel generator when it has overload problem? Today Guangxi Dingbo Power will answer for you. Hope this article is helpful for you.

Load operation of 250KW diesel generator

Under the specified environmental conditions, each set of emergency 250KW diesel generator can provide the rated output required by the bidding document when using qualified fuel oil. When the power plant loses the auxiliary AC power supply, its capacity is sufficient to supply all security loads of 2 units. The capacity of each emergency generator is 1000kW.

The 250KW diesel generator can operate continuously at full load for 12 hours, and the overload capacity for 1 hour is 110%. The generator has an overcurrent capacity of 1.5 times in 15 seconds, and it is allowed to repeat this operation mode after a period of time. Under the steady-state conditions of any load, maintain the voltage within ± 1% and the frequency within ± 0.5% of the rated value deviation.

Maintenance Method of Overload of 250KW Diesel Generator

Under the transient condition of sudden start with load, the voltage shall not be less than 90%, the frequency shall not be less than 95%, and the recovery time shall be within 7S. The transient process is caused by the sudden load period such as no-load batch load of the unit, group start of the motor and the start of the largest motor.

The starting current of the motor is considered as 6.5 times. When the working power supply of the security section disappears, it can start reliably within 7-10s after confirmation, and the established voltage frequency reaches the rated value. The diesel generator set can carry the starting load of 50% of the rated capacity, in which the maximum allowable starting load shall not exceed 20% of the rated capacity of the generator. Full load after 5s.

1. To control the oil spill at the oil tank outlet, a sponge as large as the inner diameter of the filter screen can be placed in the filter screen, which can reduce and alleviate the fluctuation of diesel in the oil tank, prevent the oil spill, and effectively filter the dust in the air of the oil tank.

Wear and oil leakage of high-pressure oil pipe in diesel engine, the convex heads at both ends of high-pressure oil pipe are worn and oil leakage occurs at the connection with fuel injector and oil outlet valve. A circular copper sheet can be cut off from the waste cylinder pad, and a small hole is pierced in the middle to grind and slip, which can be placed between the convex pits to solve the urgent problem.

2. Iron filter element skillfully decontaminates the iron filter element of air filter, which is difficult to clean with diesel oil. If the filter element is stuck with diesel oil, it can ignite and burn. After the fire is extinguished, knock the core with a wooden stick to make the fireworks fall off, and the dirt inside and outside the filter element can be completely removed.

3. Check the elasticity of the piston ring skillfully. If it is suspected that the elasticity of the piston ring is insufficient, the standard new ring of the same model can be stacked vertically with the circumference of the inspected old ring hole, and the openings of the two rings are in a horizontal position. Then press the two rings by hand. If the opening of the new ring does not move and the opening of the old ring has been closed, it indicates that the old ring has good elasticity and can be used again.

4. Skillfully repair the broken paper pad, connect the broken part, apply a little butter on both sides of the paper pad, cut two thin white papers of the same size as the paper pad, stick them on both sides of the paper pad, install them on the machine, and tighten the nuts.

5. Remove the scale skillfully, take two large peeled and seeded old loofahs, clean them, put them into the water tank and replace them regularly.

6. Repair method for oil leakage of oil tank: in case of oil leakage from the oil tank, clean the oil leakage and apply soap or bubble gum on the oil leakage to reduce the leakage; If epoxy resin glue and other adhesives are used to plug the leakage in the near future, the effect is better.

In addition, pay attention to the abnormal changes before the failure of diesel generating set and eliminate them in time to prevent minor changes.

The abnormal temperature usually causes the diesel engine to overheat. There is a fault in the cooling system. If it is not eliminated in time, it will cause weak operation and even burn the piston and other parts.

Abnormal consumption: the consumption of fuel, engine oil and cooling water of diesel engine has a certain standard range. If the consumption increases significantly, it indicates that the technical condition of diesel engine has deteriorated and faults have occurred.

Abnormal smell: when the diesel engine is working, if it smells abnormal smell, it indicates that the diesel engine has failed.

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