Industrial Diesel Generator Set Purchase Guide

Dec. 08, 2021

Industrial diesel generators are a major investment to avoid losses due to power failures.  It is worth considering the configuration of the diesel generator group.  When the city loses power, diesel generators can provide steady power to your commercial equipment.  Industrial diesel generators provide all of the company's equipment, providing an incredibly reliable power source for factory manufacturing, shopping mall commercial events and construction sites, ensuring no disruption to operations and production.  

From a business point of view, workplaces that buy diesel generators, such as construction sites, and living environments, although their needs have their own characteristics, they can benefit from electricity.  Using diesel generators, reliable and stable power is very effective in the pursuit of efficiency.  However, you should know some information about diesel generators before choosing a supplier.  

Industrial diesel generator set purchase guide, which generator is the best?  

As it is a reliable power source for all facilities, and when selecting a diesel generator, initial decisions should be made based on the following considerations:  

Generator emission standards, in China, many places have standard emission requirements, so you may need a green mode industrial diesel generator to meet policy requirements and reduce emissions. However, be aware that low emission generators may require less power and affect operation.  

Generator fuel options, if you need, you need to maintain a high power level and run the generator for a long time, then you should choose a generator set that considers diesel power.  Diesel generators keep workplaces productive to meet long-term power needs.  

Generator safety, whether diesel or natural gas, gasoline and other types of generators need to be safely placed. For example, if you place small and close, the generator produces a lot of noise and exhaust may not be the best choice. Also, your generator needs to comply with industry safety standards and be placed in the work area.  

Generator type selection, industrial diesel generators are usually expensive. That is to say, in the selection of products, have a comprehensive budget, choose the most suitable generator, easy to save costs, and will not cause power waste or generator load operation, affect the life of the generator.  While diesel-powered generators may be more expensive than natural gas, gasoline is more expensive. In most cases, industrial diesel generators justify the price with their enormous power and power capacity.  


Generator specifications to determine the type of generation required, you need to determine which power option best fits your business needs.  Here, you should consider voltage and wattage.  

Voltage is the maximum potential energy used by a generator on a circuit. Watt is the total number of volts produced by the multiplication of generators.  To select a diesel generator, make sure the generator size is required and add the number of watts required. Then, select the generator that covers this range.  Usually, if you need more power, you need a diesel generator.  

Cummins diesel genset

Some other functions of the generator  


Finally, you need to consider some additional generator options to maximize generator efficiency, safety, and service life.  Here are some of the feature options you might want to be aware of:  


Is there remote monitoring, remote operation, remote control  

Remote monitoring, remote operation, remote control and other functions are the basic functions developed in the development of the Internet, which can track the performance of the generator and control the generator remotely.  These features are very useful for companies that use builders because you can easily manage generator start and stop, save remote monitoring and operate generators.  


Safety switch is an important part of generator safety.  Safety switches on emergency backup generators are important as there may be backup generators without safety switches during start-up. At the same time, the circuit monitors the transfer switch. If an interruption occurs, the switch activates power to the generator before shutting it down.

When selecting a generator, make sure it is equipped with automatic start. In case of power failure, the generator can start automatically immediately to achieve seamless power conversion.  


If you have any questions, please contact Dingbo Power and we will provide you with a professional diesel generator procurement guide to configure the correct set of diesel generators for normal business operations. 

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