4 Reasons To Choose A 250KW Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 08, 2021

In modern society, it is more dependent on electricity.  Whether manufacturing, construction or healthcare, daily life can also prevent all your business and work, production and life from being affected by power outages.  

Today, Dinbo power will tell you why 250KW Yuchai diesel generator can be one of the right solutions for your company to power outages.  Before deciding to choose any diesel generator, it is important to understand some important functional issues.  Here are some things to consider:  

The generator you need is a single or three phase camera.  


How many levels of power do you need?  


How long does the diesel generator take?  


Do you need a diesel generator for a long time?  


4 reasons to buy a 250KW Yuchai diesel generator set  

These questions should be considered before you purchase any diesel generator. For example, some large enterprises with high daily power needs will need a high-power three-phase diesel generator.  Dingbo 250KW Yuchai diesel generator these rugged power machines are designed to meet the large-scale power needs of commercial enterprises.  Of course, if it is a small enterprise, or a small construction site, the power demand is not very high, then, you can consider the use of single-phase generators to meet the needs of small and medium power.Once you determine which option is right for your business, you can address other factors, such as uptime and long-term usage.  

So, what are the benefits of Dingbo series 250KW Yuchai diesel generator?  

Dingbo series 250KW Yuchai diesel generator sets can provide industry approved diesel generator sets for small and large enterprises.  Yuchai diesel engine unit power includes 22KW-2420KW power generators, especially suitable for considering the power and life of large, small and medium-sized enterprises.  Other advantages of dingbo series 250KW Yuchai diesel generator include high efficiency and low footprint.  Many of their models are suitable for businesses across industries that may consider other factors, such as noise levels and placement.  

Dingbo series 250KW Yuchai diesel generator set is famous for its powerful Yuchai diesel engine.  Yuchai's diesel engine runs at a high power density.  To match the raw engine power, the 250KW Yuchai diesel generator uses some of the most advanced engine control technology.

700kw Ricardo Generator_副本.jpg

Yuchai relies on independently developed THREE-DIMENSIONAL fluid anti-truth simulation technology, electronic high pressure common rail technology, four-valve technology, intelligent electronic control injection system, Honeywell new supercharger, European forced cooling piston technology, low inertia small hole in-place injector and other technologies.  This makes dingbo series Yuchai diesel generator set perform better in power density, sudden loading capacity, displacement, fuel consumption, emission control grade and so on.  


Moreover, the noise of yuchai engine is lower than that of similar domestic products due to the adoption of yuchai's original wet cylinder liner, high lower support technology and four-valve technology.  And because of the use of digital control system, to achieve a high degree of intelligence, and according to user needs to provide remote computer remote control, group control, telemetry, automatic car, automatic fault protection and other different functions of the product.  It can output rated power below 1000m above sea level, and can output 110% of rated power over load power within less than 1 hour.  

Now that you have reviewed the top 4 reasons to choose a 250KW Yuchai diesel generator set, you need an excellent diesel generator supplier.  Your generator also needs ongoing maintenance.  It is important to take the time to perform regular maintenance on diesel generators to keep them performing at their best.  Therefore, it is best to choose a trusted supplier who can perform maintenance.  


Dingbo power is your one-stop solution for the sale and service of brand new commercial diesel generator equipment.  Call one of our experts now or contact us online to learn how we can help you quickly meet your commercial diesel generator equipment needs.  

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