Low Emission Diesel Generating Sets

Aug. 20, 2021

With development of market economy, the demand of electricity is increasing. Faced with current curtailing policy, many industries are affected, who consume a lot of electricity. Especially for companies eager to deliver product and seek stable and energy-saving green standby power equipment, they have to looking for more environmentally friendly diesel generators.


With the increasing popularity of diesel generator sets in the market, the purchase of diesel generator sets has become the plan of many companies. However, under the premise of being both economical and environmentally friendly, choosing a green and environmentally friendly diesel generator set with lower carbon and more fuel efficiency is the focus of many companies.


As one of leading manufacturer of diesel generators-Dingbo Power, today will share how to buy more low emission diesel generators. Firstly, we should consider bellow points:

 How to Buy More Environmentally Friendly Diesel Generators

1. To meet the real demand of companies themselves


When purchasing diesel generator sets, many companies blindly choose large-displacement diesel generator sets. While not consider the real needed power for their load equipment. In fact, the load equipment does not need such a large generator at all. Therefore, this will only waste money. Of course, if you consider that you need to increase the load in the future, you can buy a larger power generator.


As we all know, Guangxi Dingbo Power Series diesel generator sets have the characteristics of high quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, high output power, reliable performance, small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable operation, and convenient parts supply and maintenance. When you purchasing diesel generator sets, we can guide you choose diesel genset that only is on the premise of meeting the demand, it is recommended that users buy Dingbo series diesel generator sets first.


2. Don't blindly pursue low prices


In addition to purchasing diesel generator sets, fuel consumption costs are a more critical cost in the future use process. Therefore, before purchasing electric diesel generators, we not only need to know more about the price cost, but also consider a long-term fuel consumption cost. Even the maintenance cost in future. Guangxi Dingbo Power diesel generator sets have excellent power performance, economy, stability, reliability, operability, low operation and maintenance costs, national chain three guarantees and accessories supply services. Diesel generator sets have the characteristics of low fuel consumption, low emissions, and low maintenance costs, and are the best choice for diesel generator sets.


3. It is recommended to buy diesel generator sets with intelligent control and remote control functions. 

We should understand that if the current diesel generator sets are still operated on-site by traditional manual labor, it will not only consume time and manpower, but also increase operating costs. Intelligent and remote control of diesel generator sets can save costs, labor and energy to a large extent. Purchasing diesel generator sets with intelligent control and remote control functions will bring great convenience to users in future operations. The diesel generator set produced by Guangxi Dingbo Power adopts an automatic control system and is equipped with a their own cloud platform management system. So that the diesel generator set of Dingbo Power has the functions of cloud monitoring/remote/control by mobile phone App or computer anytime and anywhere, which can achieve low oil pressure, high reliability, high water temperature, overspeed, etc., output voltage failure, startup failure, emergency shutdown and other early warning protection. That can manage the operation, failure processing, maintenance and other aspects of the generator set. Through cloud interconnection, the generator sets can be controlled through GPS positioning and AI big data fault diagnosis, which improves management efficiency and company benefits.

In short, Dingbo Power diesel generator sets can remotely control the start, stop, power-on/off, municipal power-on/off and other operations of the unit through mobile phones and computers, ensuring the transmission, sharing, analysis and utilization of data in the cloud, realizing information Intelligent remote control unit supported by the system. Therefore, the purchase of diesel generator sets is not only to alleviate the power shortage, but also to facilitate operation and save money.

From the perspective of environmental protection, it is recommended that when purchasing a diesel generator set, the power performance, emission indicators and fuel consumption indicators of the diesel generator set should first be considered, because in terms of power, emissions and fuel consumption are the economic costs of future units.

If you are interested in diesel generators with cloud monitoring system, welcome to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will free install it on the generator set for you and give you ID to enter the App.

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