Maintenance of Deutz Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 15, 2023

Deutz Generator Set Maintenance

Main maintenance content (Due to differences in performance and usage of various generator sets, the listed standards are for reference only and should be operated according to specific circumstances).

Daily maintenance:

1. Check if the connecting bolts of each rotating component are loose and tighten them in a timely manner.

2. Check the oil level in the oil pan. If it is insufficient, add oil.

3. Check the oil level in the fuel tank.

4. Check the water surface of the water tank.

5. Check the oil and water pipeline joints.

6. Check the sealing of the intake and exhaust pipes and cylinder gaskets.

7. Remove surface oil stains and dust, and keep the computer room clean.

Maintenance plan applicable to backup generator sets: (For example, in residential areas, buildings, hospitals, government agencies, scenic spots, factories, and other places where power outages are rare, backup generator sets are only used for firefighting, power outage maintenance, and other purposes).

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Regular maintenance.

On the basis of daily maintenance, maintenance should be done every six months or once a year:

1. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the water, electricity, oil, gas, etc. of the generator set to confirm if the unit is functioning properly.

2. Conduct a no-load test run for 5-10 minutes to ensure sufficient lubrication of the unit; Determine the usage status of the unit through methods such as listening, watching, and smelling.

3. Replace consumables such as air filter, diesel filter, engine oil, engine oil filter, water filter, and oil-water separator filter element.

4. Replace the coolant and water tank protector of the heat dissipation water tank.

5. Add battery liquid or distilled water.

6. After the maintenance is completed, the unit should be inspected again and cleaned.

Maintenance plan suitable for long-term operation of generator sets:

Generators that require frequent or continuous operation, such as construction sites, factories with frequent power outages, insufficient transformer load, project testing, and places where it is not possible to generate electricity.

First level technical maintenance: (50-80 hours), add to the daily maintenance content:

1. Clean the air filter and replace it if necessary.

2. Replace diesel filters, air filters, and water filters.

3. Check the tension of the transmission belt.

4. Add lubricating oil to all oil nozzles and lubrication parts.

5. Replace cooling water.

6. Conduct a 5 to 10 minute no-load test run, record various performance parameters of the unit, propose reasonable suggestions, and receive customer acceptance.

Level 2 technical maintenance: (250-300 hours) Added to daily maintenance and level 1 maintenance

1. Clean the piston, piston pin, cylinder sleeve, piston ring, and connecting rod bearing and check their wear condition.

2. Check if the inner and outer rings of the main rolling bearing are loose.

3. Remove scale and sediment from the cooling water system waterway.

4. Remove carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and intake and exhaust ducts of the cylinder.

5. Check the wear of the valves, valve seats, push rods, and rocker arms, and make grinding adjustments.

6. Clean the carbon deposits on the turbocharger rotor, check the wear of the bearings and impeller, and repair and replace them if necessary.

7. Check if the bolts of the generator and diesel engine coupling are loose or slippery, and if any problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced.

Third level technical maintenance: (500-1000 hours). Add content to daily maintenance, first level maintenance, and second level maintenance.

1. Check and adjust the fuel injection lifting angle.

2. Clean the fuel tank.

3. Clean the oil pan.

4. Check the atomization condition of the fuel injection nozzle.

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