Pollution and Emission Control Methods for 700kVA Industrial Generator

Mar. 21, 2023

The environmental pollution caused by the rapid economic development has awakened people's attention to environmental protection. Gaseous emissions are the source of pollution emissions from 700kVA diesel generator sets. In response to the call for environmental protection, many industry insiders have improved the design of diesel generator sets to reduce emissions pollution.


700kVA industrial generator mainly sends air filtered by dust and impurities into the cylinder through the intake system. Therefore, as long as the intake system is improved, controlling the amount of air entering can effectively control the degree of air pollution after combustion. Dingbo Power believes that the following two methods are feasible:


1. A variable swirl intake system can be used. Due to the significant impact of intake swirl intensity on NOx emissions, using a variable swirl intake system to control swirl intensity based on changes in rotational speed and load can reduce NO during diesel generator set operation without sacrificing economy.

 700kVA Industrial Generator

2. The use of multi valve technology (typically using four valves per cylinder: two for intake and exhaust valves each) can expand the total flow cross-sectional area of the intake and exhaust valves, increase the charging coefficient, and allow the injectors to be vertically arranged on the cylinder axis, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of fuel in the combustion chamber space. Its mixture formation and combustion conditions are greatly improved, making the heat release law more reasonable, reducing NOx emissions in exhaust emissions, and reducing CO emissions, Moreover, the soot also significantly decreases under heavy loads.

The above two methods achieve the goal of controlling pollution emissions by improving the technology of 700kVA insdustrial generator. However, for ordinary users who cannot do this, they can still reduce the pollution of diesel generator sets within their capabilities. For example, by spraying water into the intake pipe or emulsifying diesel oil to promote fuel combustion, the harmful gases emitted by fully burned diesel fuel will be reduced.


The above content is the pollution and emission control methods for 700kVA diesel generator sets compiled by Dingbo Power, which can be roughly divided into five categories for reference by users. If you have more knowledge about diesel generator set technology and want to know it, please come for consultation or call our company, and we will wholeheartedly serve you.

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