Poor Heat Dissipation of 150KW Diesel Generator

Feb. 10, 2022

1. Thermostat failure.

A thermostat is installed in the engine combustion chamber to control the temperature of the engine combustion chamber. The thermostat must be fully opened at the specified temperature (82 degrees) to facilitate small circulation. If there is no thermostat, the coolant cannot maintain the circulation temperature, and a low temperature alarm may be generated.

2. The radiator fins are blocked or damaged.

The cooling fan does not work or the cooling fins are blocked, so that the coolant temperature cannot be reduced, and the cooling fins are rusted, resulting in liquid leakage and poor circulation.

3. The coolant level of 150KW generator set is too low or does not meet the regulations.

Low liquid level can directly cause the temperature rise of the coolant and make the coolant not circulate. The coolant is 50% antifreeze and 50% softened water according to the regulations. If it does not meet the regulations, it will cause pipeline blockage and rust in the pipe wall, making the coolant unable to circulate normally.

Weichai diesel generator sets

4. Water pump failure.

Check whether the water pump works well. If it is found that the transmission gear shaft of the water pump is worn, it indicates that the water pump has failed to function and needs to be replaced before it can circulate normally.

5. Exhaust system failure.

The cooling system of the generator set is mixed with air, which causes the pipeline to be blocked. The damage of the suction valve and exhaust valve on the expansion water tank also directly affects the circulation. At this time, it is necessary to often check whether their pressure values meet the regulations. The suction pressure is 10KPA and the exhaust pressure is 40kpa. In addition, whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked is also an important reason affecting the circulation.

Precautions for 150 kW generator set in high temperature weather.

1. Ensure sufficient circulating cooling water.

Firstly, the circulating cooling water in the water tank of the diesel generator set shall be maintained in sufficient state, so that the diesel generator set can dissipate heat to a great extent during operation.

2. Keep enough coolant.

When the engine is cold, the coolant level should be located between the high and low marks of the expansion tank. If the coolant level is lower than the low mark of the expansion tank, it should be added in time. Note that the coolant in the expansion tank cannot be filled up and should be left to expand.

3. Correct use of closed cooling system.

When the engine is working, the coolant vapor enters the expansion tank and flows back to the radiator after cooling, which can prevent a large amount of evaporation loss of coolant and increase the boiling point temperature of coolant. The cooling system shall use the coolant with anti-corrosion, anti boiling, anti freezing and waterproof scale, and the sealing must be ensured in the application in order to be effective.

4. Keep the outside and inside of the cooling system clean.

When the outside of the radiator of the generator set is stained with soil, oil or the heat sink is deformed due to collision, it will affect the passage of wind, the heat dissipation effect of the radiator becomes worse, and the coolant temperature is too high. Therefore, the radiator should be cleaned or repaired in time.

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