Why is Bearing of 750kva Generator Damaged

Feb. 10, 2022

A. Causes of bearing damage of 750kva diesel generator.

1. The main cause of bearing spalling is fatigue damage.

Because the magnitude and direction of the load on the bearing change with time, when the load is unstable, a uniform and continuous oil film cannot be maintained between the bearing friction surfaces, and the pressure of the oil film is also changing Pulsatively. When the oil film thickness is small, high temperature occurs in the local area of the bearing surface, which greatly reduces the fatigue strength of the alloy layer. In addition, the poor manufacturing and assembly of the bearing itself is also the direct cause of the peeling of the alloy layer.

2. In addition to wear and peeling.

The corrosion of sliding bearing should also be paid attention to, which mainly depends on the quality, temperature, pressure and bearing load of oil. The high load part of the bearing is prone to corrosion, and the organic acid and sulfide generated by the deterioration of the lubricating oil at high temperature are the causes of bearing corrosion.

Weichai diesel generator

3. Burning out of bearing.

That is, the main reason for the commonly known tile burning is that the clearance is too small, the lubrication is poor and there are problems in use and operation.

B. Maintenance method of diesel generators bearing.

1. During the maintenance of water pump diesel generator, pay attention to the oil ring to lubricate the sliding bearing. The amount of bearing oil should be counted. Generally, it is not injected during operation.

When the oil volume is below the specified liquid level, the bearing shall not throw oil to avoid splashing on the winding. The engine oil shall be taken out for sample inspection regularly. If the oil color becomes dark, turbid, and there is water or dirt, it shall be replaced. When the bearing is hot, replace it with new oil.

2. Generally, the oil should be changed every 250-400 working hours, but at least every half a year.

When changing the oil, clean the bearing with kerosene and then brush it with gasoline before injecting new lubricating oil. For motors with ball or roller bearings, the grease needs to be replaced when running for about 2000h. When the bearing is used in dusty and humid environment, the lubricating oil shall be changed frequently according to the situation.

3. Before starting a generator that has been out of service for a long time:

If the bearing is equipped with gasoline or has deteriorated, it must be cleaned first. If the bearing is dirty, it must be cleaned first. Fill in clean grease. The filling amount is 2 / 3 of the bearing chamber space, and it is not allowed to fill too much.

The above is the reason for the damage of the diesel generator bearing shared by Dingbo power and the maintenance of the bearing. I hope the above introduction can help users. There are many reasons for the damage of the bearing of the diesel generator. Users should pay attention to maintenance when using the diesel genset.

Daily use and maintenance of 750kva diesel generator set

A. Preparations before starting the generator set.

1. Check whether the fasteners and connectors are loose and whether the moving parts are flexible.

2. Check the reserves of fuel, engine oil and cooling water to meet the basic requirements.

3. Check that the load air switch on the control cabinet should be in the off position (or off position), and set the voltage knob to the low voltage position.

4. The preparation before starting the diesel engine shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation manual (different types of models may be slightly different).

5. If necessary, inform the power supply department to pull down the circuit breaker or set the switching switch of the switching cabinet between mains power and diesel generator to the middle (neutral state) position to cut off the high-voltage power supply line of mains power.

B. Starting steps:

1. The no-load starting generator set shall be started according to the method specified in the diesel engine operation manual.

2. Adjust the speed and voltage according to the requirements of the diesel engine operation manual (the automatic electromechanical control unit does not need to be adjusted).

3. After it is normal, set the load switch to the generator end, and slowly close the load switch step by step according to the switching operation procedure to make it enter the working power supply state.

4. During operation, always pay attention to whether the three-phase current is balanced and whether the indication of each electrical instrument is normal.

C. Precautions during operation of diesel generator set:

1. Regularly check the changes of water level, oil temperature and oil pressure, and make records.

2. In case of oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage, it shall be repaired in time. If necessary, stop working and report to the service provider for on-site treatment.

3. Make operation record.

D. Shutdown of generator set:

1. Gradually remove the load and disconnect the automatic air switch.

2. If it is an air starting unit, check the air pressure of the air bottle. If the air pressure is low, fill it to 2.5MPa.

3. Shut down according to the requirements of the operation manual equipped with the diesel engine or diesel generator set.

4. Clean and standby the water pump for the next time.

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