Practical Experience Of Generator Manufacturer

Mar. 01, 2022

According to Dingbo years of practical experience, generator manufacturers continue to summarize the following common sense of safe use:

1. The boiling point of cooling water in the diesel generator is higher than that of ordinary water, so when the diesel generator is running, do not open the pressure cap of the water tank or heat exchanger. In order to avoid personal injury, the unit must be cooled and the pressure released before maintenance.

2. Diesel contains benzene and lead. Take special care not to swallow or inhale diesel and engine oil when inspecting, discharging or filling diesel. Do not inhale exhaust gases from the unit.

3. Install a fire extinguisher in a suitable position. Use the correct type of fire extinguisher as required by your local fire department. Foam extinguishers should not be used on fires caused by electrical equipment.

4. Do not apply unnecessary grease to the diesel generator. Accumulated grease and lubricating oil can lead to overheating of generator sets, engine damage and fire hazards.

5. Diesel generators should be kept clean and sundries should not be placed. Remove all debris from the diesel generator and keep the floor clean and dry.

 Practical Experience Of Generator Manufacturer

1. The generator set and control panel shall be protected by electricians and professional maintenance personnel. Make suggestions for large-scale or small-scale maintenance according to the operating conditions.

All connections and actuator links should be lubricated periodically to check for reliability, firmness and loosening of bolts.

2. Full-time maintenance personnel shall maintain and protect the generator according to the generator protection requirements, record the operation process and the number of parts to be replaced, and fill in the generator trial operation/operation record, etc.

3. Check as follows :(1) Lubrication system: check liquid level and oil leakage; Change the oil and oil filter;

(2) Intake system: check the air filter, pipe position and connector; Replace the air filter;

(3) exhaust system: check the exhaust blockage and leakage; Discharge silencer carbon and water;

(4) There are some generators: check whether the air inlet is blocked, wiring terminals, insulation, oscillation and all components are normal;

(5) Replace oil, various oil separators and air separators according to the actual situation;

(6) Clean and check the control panel once a month, carry out maintenance and protection operations, summarize the protection process, compare the operation parameters before and after the protection, and summarize the protection statement;

(7) Cooling system: check the radiator, pipes and joints; Water level, belt tension and pump, etc. , regularly clean the filter screen of cooler fan and cooler fan bearing;

(8) Fuel system: check oil level, speed limiter, tubing and joint, fuel pump. Discharge liquid (sediment or water in the tank and oil-water separator), replace the diesel filter;


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