Reasons for High Cooling Water Temperature of 750kW Silent Generator

Jan. 20, 2022

Is the operating environment related to the high cooling water temperature of the 750 kW silent generator? Dingbo Power will tell you.

1. It is usually caused by the unclean surface of the radiator of the cooling water tank.

In dusty environment, it is easy to block the radiator surface or sundries are sucked to the water tank by the cooling fan to block ventilation during unit operation, resulting in poor heat dissipation. It can be solved after cleaning the surface of water tank radiator with water or removing sundries. It can be seen that daily attention should be paid to keeping the environment in the machine room clean.

2. Insufficient coolant in the cooling water tank.

It is necessary to check the cause of the loss of cooling water. Check whether there is leakage in the cooling water tank and each cooling water pipe of the fuselage. If there is any leakage, repair it immediately. Then replenish the coolant to the normal level.

 750kW Silent Diesel Generator

3. After this 750kw silent diesel genset is used for a long time, the belt of the cooling fan will gradually age and become inelastic, or a belt is broken, resulting in the loss of normal blowing capacity of the cooling fan. At this time, the belt of the cooling fan needs to be replaced again. During replacement, the whole group of belts should be replaced together rather than just one of them. I think there is a great difference in the elasticity between the old and new belts. When the generator is running, the cooling fan is subjected to large centrifugal force and air shear force. There is a great difference in the elasticity between a group of belts, which is not easy to drive the cooling fan to run, and the fan blades are easy to lose balance. The matching between the cooling fan and the protective steel and the cooling water tank is fine. The change of balance may cause the fan to collide and the last three devices will be damaged.

In another case, the belt pulley bearing of the cooling fan sags after wear, resulting in belt relaxation, which affects the air blowing capacity of the diesel generator set. However, this phenomenon is rare in the standby oil engine. It can be avoided as long as the cooling fan pulley bearing is lubricated enough during normal maintenance.

4. The failure of cooling water pump leads to the non circulation of cooling water and the rise of water temperature.

This is caused by wear and leakage of internal gears after the water pump has been used for a long time. This fault is also rare in the standby oil engine. At this time, the manufacturer can only be contacted to repair or replace the water pump.

5. The thermostat fails to open, so that the circulation path of cooling water cannot be changed when the cooling water temperature changes, and the flow of cooling water into the cooling water tank is controlled to adjust the cooling intensity. The thermostat needs to be replaced at this time.

6. Use unqualified coolant to make the cooling water pipe accumulate scale, rust and other things, hinder the circulation of cooling water, and cause the water temperature to rise. For the use of coolant, we should at least use qualified tap water, distilled water, deionized water or pure water. For the cooling system that has been seriously deposited or blocked, mix it with clean water in the proportion of adding 0.5 l of detergent per 7 l of the volume of the cooling system, start up and run for 90 minutes, clean it with circulating cooling water, and then clean it with clean water, so as to prevent the detergent remaining in the pipeline from corroding the pipeline.

7. The unit shall be installed in a place with good ventilation and clean environment, and shall not be placed in a place where acid, sexual gas, steam and smoke are harmful to the unit.

8. When the unit is installed indoors, the exhaust pipe shall be led to the outdoor of Cummins generator set, and the pipe orifice shall be inclined downward a little, so that the condensed water powder in the pipe flows out.

9. When the unit is used for a long time, it shall be fixed on the cement foundation, fastened with anchor screws, and keep the whole unit in a horizontal position.

10. When the unit is moving, it can be installed on a solid and flat ground, and the support leg of the trailer power station shall be put down.

11. The unit shall be equipped with reliable grounding device, and the safe carrying capacity of the grounding wire shall be at least equal to the outgoing line of the motor. At the same time, the grounding must be good.

12. The generator set of this series can output rated power under the following standard conditions.

(1) Altitude: 0m

(2) Ambient temperature: 20 ℃

(3) Relative air humidity: 60%

13. The power station can work normally under the following environmental conditions, and the output power shall be corrected according to relevant regulations:

(1) Altitude: 100M

(2) Ambient temperature: - 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

(3) The relative humidity of the air shall not be greater than 90%

14. When the unit needs to be used in warm tropical areas (which must be indicated when ordering), this product can also be applicable to the following working environments in addition to the working environments listed above:

(1) The relative humidity of the air shall not be greater than 95%

(2) Places with mold and condensation.

15. When the applicable environment is different from the above, we can negotiate with our company to meet the special requirements.

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