Requirements for Electrical Control Cabinet of Diesel Fire Pump Set

Jan. 10, 2022

Diesel engine fire pump group of automatic fire facilities by automatic electrical control cabinet, electric fire pump, diesel fire pump.  Usually the pipeline network working pressure is between P1 and P2, when the working pressure is lower than P1, the fire regulator pump runs, the working pressure rises to P2, the fire regulator pump stops, because the pipeline network leakage P2 gradually reduced to P1, the fire regulator pump runs again, so many times the fire regulator pump to maintain the working pressure between P1 and P2.  


Other requirements for electrical control cabinet of diesel fire pump set  

When there is a fire, the water requirement of tube expanding, zener fire pump can't keep piping manifold pressure above P1, quickly reduced to P0, electrical control cabinet received P0 signal or a remote start signal under the condition of fully automatic running of electric fire pump group, when the electric fire pump group under the condition of common failures, electrical control cabinet reserved diesel fire pump group will start automatically  And automatic acceleration, at the same time to detect a variety of signals, with all kinds of maintenance functions.  Then achieve automatic fire elimination effect.  


Other requirements for electrical control cabinet of diesel fire pump set  

All connections to the electrical control cabinet shall be bolted or attached to or installed on the engine and connected to terminals of a diesel engine terminal whose numbers shall be the same as those of the corresponding terminals on the electrical control cabinet.  The connection line between the electrical control cabinet and the diesel terminal should be standard size continuous working cable.  The electrical control cabinet of diesel fire pump unit can not be used as the wiring terminal for power supply of other equipment.  The field wiring diagram of the electrical control cabinet shall be permanently attached to the cabinet.  


All switches that enable the electrical control cabinet to be fully automatic shall be in a locked cabinet with breakable glass.  There should be a signal indicating the operation status and success of the diesel engine.  The power source indicated by this signal should not come from the diesel generator or charger.  Must have the diesel engine oil temperature is high, water temperature is high and lubricating oil pressure is low alarm indication.  


Common overspeed fault signals shall be sent to the electrical control cabinet, which shall not be reset until the overspeed stop device is manually reset to the normal position.  There should be visible indication that the electrical control cabinet is fully automatic.  If the indicator is an indicator light, it should be easy to replace.  


Each component in the electrical control cabinet shall be clearly marked with the code number corresponding to the electrical schematic diagram.  For long-distance operation, the electrical control cabinet should have terminals for long-distance operation of diesel engines.  


When the electrical control cabinet receives the operation signal, it will quickly run the electric fire pump set. In case of common faults of the electric fire pump set, the electrical control cabinet will automatically start the reserved diesel fire pump set.  Such as can not run (low temperature in winter, or other common faults), it will be under the control of PLC, spacing of 10 seconds (adjustable) run continuously three times, if still can not run, the out sound and light alarm signal, and the common fault signal response to the manufacturers of fire control center, for emergency use.

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