Should the Oil in the Diesel Generator Set Be Changed Regularly

Dec. 17, 2021

Does the oil in the diesel generator set need to be changed regularly?  The answer is yes, regularly.  If the oil is not replaced in time, it will not only lead to the decline of the performance of the oil itself, but also damage the components of the unit, seriously affecting the normal operation of the unit. The serious consequences of not replacing the oil regularly are as follows:  


Should the oil in thediesel generator set be changed regularly, or what will happen?  


1. Failure to replace oil on time will induce low oil pressure.  The most direct consequence of low oil pressure is that it can induce semi-dry friction or dry friction between various parts and components.  The engine has obvious abnormal noise, severe when induced combustion.  Failure to change the oil on time will cause the following problems to induce a sharp drop in oil pressure:  


(1) The amount of oil stored is too small to induce no lubrication or oil reduction in the lubricating system;  


(2) dirty oil or viscous oil will induce effective suction and pump oil;  


If the oil layer is not thick or therefore the engine temperature is high and the engine oil layer is not thick, it will leak from the friction gap of the engine.  


2, unable to change the oil on time will also induce high oil pressure.  High oil pressure can cause the fuel filter to fail to work too early and cause the accumulation of carbon in the engine cylinder.  It will continue to reduce the life of the engine.  Failure to change oil on time can cause the following problems that cause oil pressure to rise:  


The oil viscosity is too large (such as summer oil can not replace winter oil);  


(2) Oil deterioration and gelation induce the decrease of oil fluidity;  


③ The filter or oil circuit is blocked.  

 Deutz  Diesel Generator

3, unable to change the oil on time will also produce too much silt.  Silt generally consists of high-pressure unburned gas in the combustion chamber, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides entering the crankcase oil through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and then mixing with the resulting metal powder.  Damage to parts.  In a lump, it gradually accumulates and then creates silt.  Failure to replace the oil on time will induce silt lifting, which will induce the blockage of filters and oil holes, and cause difficult engine lubrication and damage to the lifting engine.  


4, not on time to change the oil, the most severe consequence is the damage of various mechanical parts of the engine, such as the piston and cylinder.  If something goes wrong with the pistons and cylinders, the machine will have to undergo major repairs, and no owner wants to see major repairs.  Lack of oil, too much mud in the oil and the performance of the oil will induce severe damage to the cylinder and piston.  If you are not allowed to change the oil on time, then this problem will basically happen, so it is especially necessary to change the oil on time.  


5. Failure to change oil on time will induce high water temperature.  As mentioned above, failure to change the oil on time will induce too little oil storage, induce no lubrication or oil reduction in the lubrication system.  At this point, the mechanical parts of the engine will be in semi-dry friction or dry friction.  Semi-dry friction or dry friction conditions produce a large amount of heat, causing the water temperature to rise substantially.  If the water temperature is too high, the cylinder head and cylinder will be deformed or even destroyed.  If such a common fault occurs, the machine will not easily escape major repairs.  

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