Skills to Solve the Problems of Diesel Generator Sets

Nov. 17, 2021

Diesel generators in the process of operation is very likely to encounter such and other situations, such as diesel generator engine speed instability. The objective reason of diesel generator engine wear is that the oil filter of diesel generator is not replaced in time.  

How to do a good job of enterprise diesel generator equipment maintenance management and maintenance?Generator machinery and equipment to keep in good working state for a long time, not only the correct and reasonable use of machinery and equipment, but also need to pay attention to the maintenance of operation.Once the machine is in operation, there is the maintenance of the machine and equipment.The general machinery and equipment in the enterprise should be maintained, maintained and operated well, the machine and equipment can not only maintain normal operation, reduce the failure and maintenance frequency of the machine and equipment, but also keep fresh and bright, prolong the service life of the machine and equipment.For the maintenance of machinery and equipment, the technical department should formulate maintenance system, carry out regular maintenance, and fill in the maintenance registration card.  

                                                                                 Skills to Solve the Problems of Diesel Generator Sets

In the past few years, many units and businesses have purchased backup diesel generators.  Many people have never owned one before, and while these powerful tools can help prevent blackouts and power outages, maintaining them properly is critical. Strict adherence to manufacturer's guidelines is critical, from fuel maintenance to uptime.  


Guidelines on the frequency of maintenance of diesel generators and the types of maintenance that need to be performed for optimal performance. In general, clean, inspect and lubricate the components of the generator regularly and run it to ensure its normal operation.  It is also necessary to check whether the exhaust system and other zero wear need to be replaced.  

Skills to Solve the Problems of Diesel Generator Sets

Oil, filter and basic maintenance adjustment will ensure the normal operation of diesel generator. It is easy to postpone maintenance when it is found that the required materials are not available. By keeping good inventory on hand as easily as possible. If long-term storage is required, replace the oil and filter and follow any other instructions in the user's manual regarding fuel, gaskets and connections. Adding a fuel stabilizer helps prevent the build-up of gunk in the engine or tank. Temperature changes may result in the need for oils of different thickness or viscosity. Very cold weather can cause oils to thicken, so it is necessary to switch to oils with lower viscosity.  Check the operator's manual for guidance on diesel generator equipment.  

Regular running of diesel generators helps detect problems early and keeps the system properly lubricated to extend motor life. In addition, the heat generated by the generator's motors prevents moisture buildup, which can cause components to break down and lead to rust.  


Different diesel generators have different maintenance requirements and operating guidelines that vary over time. Just because you used a generator in the past doesn't mean you have "all the answers." Take some time to read your manual and get to know your diesel generator -- the little signs in how it works and runs may indicate that it needs maintenance or repair.  

Carefully observe the power rating of the diesel generator.  


Pay a few cents more for premium diesel fuel for your generator. It will work better and protect components from damage. As the diesel fuel ages, asphaltene deposits at the tank bottom. The sludge quickly clogs the fuel system. Diesel starts to deteriorate in about six months and becomes much less useful after a year. Check the oil regularly and replace it. Be sure to check the oil every 100 hours. Again, run the new generator for at least 20 hours, then change the oil before storage.  


Except that quality diesel generator set maintenance crew also want to do, at a crucial moment the function of generating set standby power, and can use the generator set is the user's expectation, Guangxi Dingbo power diesel generating sets the coinsurance, 3 packets of period of free maintenance, parts of wearing parts, providing technical support for a long time, free diesel generator training, let customers rest assured.  

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