Specification and Operation Mechanism of Cummins PT Diesel Pump

Nov. 29, 2022

Cummins PT diesel pump system is only used for N855, K19/38/50, M11 series Cummins engine generator. The letter PT is an abbreviation for Pressure time. PT fuel pump is a low-pressure fuel pump, which provides fuel supply pressure to the injector of 2MPa. The basic function of PT fuel pump is to deliver fuel from the fuel tank to the generator, supply fuel with specified flow and pressure for PT fuel injection nozzle, and control and regulate the speed, load and working conditions of the generator. 

The function of the oil supply system of Cummins generator is to inject diesel oil with good atomization quality into the cylinder regularly, quantitatively and at constant pressure according to the working requirements of Dongfeng Cummins generator according to certain oil injection rules, and make it mix and burn with the air quickly and well. Its operation has an important impact on the performance of the Cummins generator.

Booster generator for power generation (mechanical centrifugal hydraulic compound bipolar speed regulating plate with AFC device), such as KTA19-C special vehicle.

1000kva Cummins diesel generator

Used for generator set (mechanical centrifugal hydraulic compound bipolar governor with EFC system), such as KTA38-G2A, 700kW generator set.

Two pole speed governing plate can only control low idle speed and high idle speed. It is powerless to stabilize the speed under intermediate working conditions, while the VS speed governing plate can maintain stable operation at a certain speed. On the PT fuel pump with VS governor, the throttle shaft of the two pole governor is at the maximum throttle opening and fixed. The fuel from the bipolar speed controller flows through the VS speed controller before going to the solenoid valve and then to the injector.

When the generator operates stably under an intermediate working condition, if the load suddenly increases, the speed decreases, the centrifugal force of the flying block decreases, the plunger moves to the left, and the opening of the VS governor's oil hole increases, resulting in an increase in fuel pressure and the circulating oil supply of the generator, which increases the speed of generator and returns to the original stable speed. Its speed regulation mechanism is the same as that of the bipolar speed controller, but the difference is that the inflexion point of the VS governor changes with the change of the spring force.

All the above data are obtained based on Cummins generator set running with fuel pump, water pump, oil pump, air filter and muffler, but without charger, air compressor, fan, optional equipment and drive parts.

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