The Abnormal Sound Of Various Diesel Generators

Feb. 03, 2022

5. Diesel engine work, in the middle of the cylinder block can be heard heavy knocking sound, the noise is greater when working, at the same time the phenomenon of organic throttle pressure drop. This noise is caused by the large clearance of the main bearing, which should be repaired in time or replace the crankshaft shaft neck.


6. When the diesel engine speed changes suddenly or the load increases, the sound can be heard at the cylinder head, accompanied by starting difficulties, power reduction, and sometimes burn out the fuel nozzle, which is because the fuel injector installation hole leaks. The reason for air leakage is not installed injector seal gasket or gasket damage, the plane of the installation hole is uneven, the pressure plate bolt of the injector is not tightened or the torque is not uniform, the pressure plate of the injector is installed backward, so that the injector can not be pressed.


7. Timing gear room sound, gear can be heard in the timing gear room, change the diesel generator speed, the sound is more obvious. The main reason is that the gear sleeve and other parts wear seriously, so that the tooth side clearance of the gear becomes larger, should replace the gear and shaft sleeve wear seriously.

 Volvo Diesel Generators

8. When the gear is worn and the meshing gap is too large, the diesel generator will make a noise of pull-up when it works. When stopping, the crankshaft will be shaken and the sound of gear collision will be heard. The clearance of tooth side should be measured by lead sheet, and should be replaced if it exceeds the specified size. If the gear has spalling or defect, it should also be replaced. A gear bushing and shaft with loose or gear shaft bearing wear is too much, will also make a lot of noise, if a two axis axis with gear is not parallel, so that the gear on the two shafts is not normal, then issued the sound, should be repaired or replace the relevant parts. Such as some gear because of large axial clearance, axial movement, will emit intermittent knocking sound, should be restored to the standard clearance.

The diesel generator made a heavy, powerful cluck as it worked. Both large and small throttle, especially when changing the throttle. Main reasons:

(1) If the flywheel nut is loose, tighten the nut and lock it.

(2) Flywheel keyway and crankshaft balance is loose.

(3) Crankshaft journal conical surface and shaft hole conical surface damage, should be repaired.

The diesel generator vibrates violently and makes an empty sound. The main reasons are:

(1) If the balance shaft timing gear is wrong, it should be reassembled as required.

(2) The weight of the two balance shafts does not match (S195), so the balance shaft should be re-selected.

(3) If the balance bearing is damaged, the damaged bearing should be replaced.


Auscultation of the sound is difficult, can correctly judge the different noise source, mainly related to auscultation of practical experience and sensitive hearing, all kinds of sound it is difficult to exactly describe in words, want to rely on technical personnel exercise more at ordinary times, accumulate experience, especially for normal operation of the unit sounds to be very familiar with, in order to appear immediately sound recognition. When abnormal sound is serious, do not auscultation after running for a long time, should immediately stop, carefully check and analyze in static state; In addition, when the diesel engine suddenly destructive abnormal sound, must be immediately turned off inspection, so as not to cause a major accident.

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