The Characteristics and Advantages of Diesel Generator Cabinet

Dec. 19, 2021

Diesel generator and cabinet, which is also called "diesel generator automatic control box," together when the above two and diesel generator to the load of power supply system, or when one or several diesel generator together to the power grid power supply system, must be converted diesel generator weaver/grid cabinet, the operating system to ensure that the provisions of the combined power supply system,  Make the diesel generator normal.  


Generator cabinet is divided into manual parallel, automatic parallel, automatic parallel, automatic parallel, three remote parallel system software, which can improve the stability and continuity of power supply and distribution system.  Due to the multiple diesel generators and a power network, the working voltage and frequency of the power supply system are stable, which can bear the impact of a large load change;  Maintenance, maintenance more convenient and fast.  


What are the characteristics and advantages of diesel generator cabinet ?

Several diesel generators series application, can centralize production scheduling, distribution of active power load and reactive load load, can make maintenance, maintenance convenient, quick and direct;  It is more reasonable: it can invest a moderate number of small output power diesel generators according to the size of the load on the network, so as to reduce the consumption of gasoline and diesel oil caused by the small load operation of the large power diesel generator;  In the future, the expansion will be more extensible: it only needs to install the power generation and serial equipment required by the current output power, and then when the enterprise has to expand the capacity of the power network, the diesel generator will be upgraded, and the parallel expansion of the diesel generator can be carried out easily and quickly, so that basically more social and economic development advantages.  

Cummins Diesel Generator

The functions of the combined generator cabinet are as follows:  

1. Hand-pull/startup selection (when voltage is common, a diesel generator can be preferentially selected to run or all diesel generators can be run at the same time).  

2, with micropanel-30 control panel and micropanel-40 monitoring all functions.  

3, automatic mean active power load, load imbalance ratio adjustment.  

4, diesel generator emergency shutdown operation system.  

5, automatic parallel reclosing (a diesel generator can be set to preferentially choose, when the load is guaranteed to preset value automatically open another diesel generator).  


6, diesel generator short circuit common problems and overcurrent maintenance.  

7, automatic frequency tracking.  

8. Reverse output power, over output power inspection and alarm shutdown maintenance.  

9, voltage automatic charging and battery charging failure to find the role of the alarm.  

10, automatic synchronous inspection, automatic synchronous reclosing, automatic parallel car.  

11. Active power and reactive load non-differential distribution of loads.  

12. When the voltage and electric power installation project is normal, the isolation switch of all the diesel generators of voltage distribution is operated by the automatic control system, and the diesel generator enters the idle speed of no-load cooling. When the cooling time is over, all the diesel generators stop running and repair the state of automatic standby.  

13, and included in the soft load, solution included in the soft unload (load migration before unlocking brake).  

14. When the data signal of common problems of power installation engineering is sent to the cabinet system software, and the system software receives the data signal, the diesel generator will preferentially choose to run a diesel generator according to the setting procedure flow, and the diesel generator will check itself, and speed up to the rated value and create the working voltage. 

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