Coupling and Shock Absorber Design Requirements of Diesel Generator

Dec. 19, 2021

In order to minimize the transmission of vibration from the generator set to the building, the generator set is equipped with shock absorbers mounted between the engine/alternator foot and the underframe.  This allows the chassis to be fixed directly to the base.  For larger generator sets, the engine/alternator is rigidly fixed to the chassis, with additional shock absorbers for users to use between the chassis and the base during installation.  


You must understand the importance of the equipment damping foundation, whether it is industrial production or national life for damping equipment is used, such as diesel generator equipment, which is related to shock absorption.  Today xiaobian mainly take you to understand the design requirements of the coupling and shock absorber configuration of 250KW diesel generator.  

The spring shock absorbers shall be mounted under the base so that the whole unit shall sit on the concrete floor without appreciable transmission of vibration to any part of the adjacent equipment or building.  

 Cummins 82kw diesel generator(2)_副本.jpg

4) Exhaust muffler and flue  

A. Smoke exhaust system is composed of muffler expansion bellows, pipes, pipe clips, connecting flanges, heat-resistant joints and other parts.  

B. Connection flange with heat resisting joint shall be used for connection of smoke exhaust system.  

C. The muffler shall be installed in the residence.  The muffler is box-type structure, and with dehumidifier, discharge pipe, its volume to ensure normal operation, installation without too high back pressure.  After using the muffler, the noise at the exhaust port can be reduced to the value required by the Environmental protection Department.  

D. Stainless steel expansion bellows are required between the engine and muffler.  

E. The surface of all exhaust ducts and mufflers shall be coated with an aluminium cladding not less than 0.8 mm thick.  

F.The entire system shall be suspended by a spring boom.  

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