The Difference of Speed Regulation Mode Between Diesel Engine and Diesel Engine

Jul. 06, 2021

The speed regulation modes of power generator are: EFI and electric control. Both of them belong to electronic speed regulation. The difference lies in the control mode of mechanical speed regulation. Now, Dingbo electric power, a professional diesel generator manufacturer, will introduce the difference between the speed regulation mode of diesel generator's electric injector and electric regulator from the speed regulation execution mode and fuel injection control mode.


1、 Speed control execution mode: the speed sensor feeds back the speed signal of the machine to the governor. The governor converts the difference into speed control signal by comparing the preset speed value, and drives the actuator to control the oil supply rack or sliding sleeve to realize speed control. The oil supply signal only depends on the speed signal, and the oil supply regulation is realized by the mechanical action of the actuator.


EFI machine uses speed, injection time, intake air temperature, intake air pressure, fuel temperature, cooling water temperature and other sensors to transmit signals. The real-time detection data are input into the computer (ECU) at the same time, and compared with the stored set parameter value or parameter map. After processing and calculation, the instructions are sent to the actuator according to the calculated target value.


2、 Fuel injection pressure: the electric regulator injects diesel into the cylinder through the traditional high-pressure oil pump. The injection pressure is limited by the pressure valve on the injector. When the fuel pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe reaches the set value of the pressure valve, the valve will be opened and injected into the cylinder. Due to the influence of mechanical manufacturing, the pressure of the pressure valve can not be very high.


EFI engine is produced by high-pressure oil pump in the high-pressure oil chamber of the injector. The solenoid valve controls the injector to inject oil. When injecting oil, the electronic control system controls the solenoid valve to open to inject high-pressure oil into the cylinder. The pressure of high-pressure oil is not affected by the pressure valve, so it can increase the pressure a lot. The diesel injection pressure is increased from 100MPa to 180MPa.The injection pressure can obviously improve the mixing quality of diesel and air, shorten the ignition delay time, make the combustion more rapid and thorough, and reduce the exhaust emission.

The Difference of Speed Regulation Mode Between Diesel Engine and Diesel Engine


Speed regulation mode of diesel generator.


3、 Independent injection pressure control: the injection pressure of the high pressure oil pump oil supply system is related to the speed and load of the diesel engine. This characteristic is unfavorable for fuel economy and emissions at low speed and part load conditions.


The fuel supply system of EFI engine does not depend on the injection pressure control of speed and load, and can select the appropriate injection pressure for continuous injection, so that the diesel generator set can maintain good economic performance and low exhaust emission under various operating conditions.


4、 Independent fuel injection timing control: the high-pressure pump of the electric regulator is driven by the camshaft of the engine. The injection timing depends on the rotation angle of the camshaft. Generally, the injection timing will be fixed after adjustment.


The injection timing of EFI is adjusted by the solenoid valve controlled by the electronic control system. The key measure of balance is to realize the balance between fuel consumption rate and emission.


5、 Fast fuel cut-off capability: the fuel should be cut off quickly at the end of injection. If the fuel can not be cut off quickly, the diesel will be injected under low pressure, resulting in insufficient combustion and black smoke, increasing exhaust emissions. The high-speed electromagnetic on-off valve used in the injector of EFI can cut off the fuel quickly. The high pressure oil pump of the electric regulator can not do this.


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