The Method of Checking Yuchai Generator Leakage Point

Mar. 18, 2022

Yuchai diesel generator sets adopt the world's electronically controlled monomer pump fuel injection system, including low pressure and high pressure fuel system. When the yuchai diesel generator set works normally, there is no air in the pipeline of the oil supply system, otherwise the engine is difficult to start or easy to stop.

This is because air is very compressible and elastic. When the tubing from the fuel tank to the diesel fuel pump leaks, air can seep in, reducing the vacuum of the pipeline, reducing the suction of the fuel in the tank, or even cutting off the flow, causing the engine to fail to start. With less mixed air, the oil flow can still be maintained from the oil pump to the fuel injection pump, but the engine may be difficult to start or may stall after starting for some time.

The Method of Check Yuchai Generator Leakage Point\

A little more air mixed in the oil route will lead to several cylinder oil breaks or significantly reduced fuel injection, so that the diesel engine can not start.

Yuchai generator oil supply system is divided into low pressure oil circuit and high pressure oil circuit. Low pressure oil road refers to a section of oil road from the tank to the low pressure oil chamber of the fuel injection pump, and high pressure oil road refers to a section of oil road from the high pressure pump plunger chamber to the injector. In the oil supply system of the plunger pump, the high-pressure oil road will not have air infiltration, and there will be leakage points, which will only lead to fuel leakage, so try to plug the leakage points.

Yuchai diesel generator sets mostly use soft rubber hose in the low-pressure oil circuit of fuel supply system, which is easy to produce friction with parts, resulting in oil leakage and air intake. An oil leak is easy to spot, while a broken air intake somewhere in the pipeline is not. The following is the method to judge the leakage point of low pressure oil pipeline.

1. Exhaust the air in the oil path. After the engine starts, diesel leakage is found, which is the leakage point.

2. Loosen the vent screw of the engine fuel injection pump and pump oil with a manual oil pump. If the vent screw is found in the oil stream where a large number of bubbles begin to escape, and the bubbles do not disappear after repeated manual pumping, it can be determined that the negative pressure oil line from the tank to the oil pump is leaking. This section of pipe is removed, pressurized gas is pumped through, and water is placed to find bubbles, or leaks.

3. The oil supply system will also lead to the failure of yuchai diesel generator set to start normally. For example, there is air in the fuel system, which is a common fault. It is usually caused by improper operation when replacing the fuel filter element (for example, the air is not discharged after replacing the fuel filter element). After the air enters the pipeline with the fuel, the fuel content and pressure in the pipeline are reduced, which is not enough to open the nozzle of the injector and reach the high pressure spray atomization of more than 10297Kpa, resulting in the engine cannot start. At this point, exhaust treatment is needed until the intake pressure of the oil pump reaches more than 345Kpa.

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