Does Altitude Affect Diesel Generating Set

Mar. 17, 2022

Many users in plateau areas do not know the relationship between altitude and diesel generator power when purchasing diesel generator sets, which may lead to the unavailability of the purchased diesel generator sets.

Does the altitude affect the diesel generator set? Dingbo power briefly explain. 

In general, the operating environment of our diesel generator set is ≤ 1000m above sea level. If the altitude exceeds 1000m, the output power of the generator set needs to be corrected accordingly. If the altitude is increased every 300m, the output power of diesel generator set will be reduced by 4%. Therefore, when we buy diesel generator sets, we should calculate the required power according to the altitude to avoid buying small ones.

The higher the altitude, the lower the local air pressure, the thinner the air and the smaller the oxygen content. Then for the naturally aspirated diesel engine, the combustion conditions become worse due to insufficient air intake, and the diesel engine cannot reach the normal rated power. Therefore, diesel generator sets are marked with altitude and service range. If the value exceeds this range, when the generator set has the same power, a large diesel engine must be selected to form a generator set.

500kw diesel generator

For every 1000m increase in altitude, the ambient temperature decreases by about 0.6 degrees. In addition, due to the thin air in the plateau, the starting performance of the diesel engine is worse than that in the plain area. In addition, due to the increase in altitude, the boiling point of water decreases, the wind pressure and quality of cooling air decrease, and the heat per kilowatt in unit time increases, Therefore, the heat dissipation condition of the cooling system is worse than that of the plain.

Therefore, when we select power capacity of diesel generator, we need to know the altitude condition and confirm the power according to the altitude. 

Besides, ambient temperature will also affect the performance of diesel generator. 

Generally, diesel generator has not any effect when it runs at ambient temperature 40 ℃. If above this ambient temperature, it will have effects:

1. The air is already very hot, and its quality is no longer the best state to produce good combustion when mixed with fuel. This will result in power loss.

2. The fuel may reach the diesel engine at an excessively high temperature and will not burn under appropriate conditions.

3. The efficiency of the cooling system will be reduced. Therefore, if the radiator size is incorrect, the diesel generator may stop running due to high water temperature.

4. As far as the alternator is concerned, it is also affected by high temperature. Most manufacturers guarantee the power of their alternators as long as they operate at ambient temperatures below 40 ℃. At higher values, the alternator is usually derated by 3% for every 5 ° C increase.

In view of all the above, when determining the power capacity of diesel generator, it is very important to clearly understand the environmental conditions of its operation, that is, the lower and upper limits of ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure at the setting location, as well as the altitude at which the equipment is located.

With this clear information, we will be able to foresee and deal with the impact of power derating, and select the most appropriate diesel engine and alternator for each equipment.

If your project will be carried out under special environmental conditions, we can provide you with suggestions and determine the power of your diesel generator, so that your enterprise will never lack electricity. Contact us right now to get price of diesel genset.

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