The Parameter of 750KW Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 30, 2021

The main technical parameters of 750KW Yuchai diesel generator set meet the standards: the series of generator sets manufactured by the enterprise meet the national GB2820-97 "General technical conditions of power frequency diesel generator set" standard.  


Dingbo power 750 kw yuchai generator is choose yuchai diesel engine, generator (brand optional Stamford, marathon, England, etc.), the controller (optional brand all the wisdom, deep sea), and other main parts of form a complete set, diesel engine model, generator model, controller brand, is the main factors influencing the 750 kw yuchai generator set prices,  The price is also subject to change if mute, mobile trailer or fully automatic functions are required, so the price is not fixed but depends on the specific configuration.  

 The Parameter of 750KW Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

750KW Yuchai diesel generator set factory wholesale YC6TD1000-D30 backup power supply  

Guangxi Yuchai generator factory genuine diesel engine for power generation, its biggest characteristics, one is durable, two is fuel-saving, and has low emissions, lasting operation, easy to operate and other obvious advantages.  


Main technical parameters of 750KW Yuchai generator set  


Output power: 750KVA/600KW  

Stable voltage adjustment rate ≤±0.5%  

Frequency adjustment rate ≤±1%  

Rated voltage: 400V  

Transient voltage adjustment rate ≤20~-15%  

Transient adjustment rate ≤±10~-7%  

Rated current: 1080A  

Voltage recovery time ≤15S  

 Frequency stabilization time ≤5S  

Rated frequency: 50HZ  

Volatility of plus or minus 0.5% or less  

Volatility of 0.5% or less  

Weight: 4950 kg  

Dimensions: 4300×1650×2100mm(for reference only)  

Main parameters of diesel engine (Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., LTD.)  

Model: YC6TD1000 - D30  

Speed: 1500 r/min  

Fuel consumption rate: ≤195g/ kW ·h  

Type: four stroke, vertical  

Speed regulation: electric control  

Fuel ratio: ≤0.1%  

Number of cylinders: in-line 6 cylinders  

Start mode: 24VDC electric start  

Noise: 100 or less (dB)  

Common/standby power: 668/735kW  

Cinder diameter stroke: 152×180mm  

Capacity: 19.6 L  

Suction mode: pressurized and cooled  

Cooling system: water cooling  

Compression ratio: 14:1   


Main parameters of generator (Shanghai Stanford Power Equipment Co., LTD.)  

Model: GR355G  

Structure: one piece  

Output power: 600KW  

Overload capacity: overload 10% for one hour  

Type: Brushless self-excitation  

Short-time current: 150%10S  

Insulation grade: H  

Electric system: three - phase four - wire, neutral ground  

Protection level: IP22  

Power factor: 0.8 lag  


Main parameters of Zhongzhi Control panel (Zhengzhou Zhongzhi Technology Co., LTD.)

Adopt zhongwisdom 7220 full Chinese LCD module, with all functions and configurations of manual control screen, automatic/stop/manual function, start delay, stop delay;  Protection function: overspeed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, underfrequency, lack of phase, overload, start failure, output voltage failure, charge failure alarm and stop, equipped with emergency stop button.  


Yuchai diesel generator set has more than 40 years of history, Guangxi Dingbo power production Yuchai generator set supporting diesel engines all use Guangxi Yuchai machinery stock production of high-quality diesel engines;  The warranty period is 14 months or 1500 hours, and the three-pack service period is the longest anywhere in the country.  And in all parts of the country 1168 service centers, convenient and fast.  Our company has 15 years of production experience of the established manufacturers, reputation, product quality and after-sales service is guaranteed, your demand is the pursuit of Guangxi Dingbo power equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., waiting for your call to consult diesel generator prices, technical parameters, etc.

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