The Differences between a Motor and a Generator

Dec. 30, 2021

Most enterprises and institutions are equipped with diesel generators, encountered a sudden power failure, this time the diesel generator will be used.  Starting the unit, as long as the supply of diesel fuel is guaranteed, the unit can be used as a standby power supply and stable power supply, and diesel engine maintenance is also very convenient.  Why do some specifications show the difference between a motor and a generator?  


Why do some specifications show the difference between a motor and a generator?  

Motor, also called motor, also known as motor or electric motor, is a kind of electrical energy into mechanical energy, and can use mechanical energy to generate power, used to drive other devices of electrical equipment.  There are many kinds of motors, but they can be broadly divided into AC motors and DC motors to be used in different occasions.  


A generator is a device that converts kinetic energy and other forms of energy into electrical energy.  Through the prime mover, the energy contained in all kinds of primary energy is first converted into mechanical energy, and then converted into electrical energy through the generator, which is sent to various electric occasions through the transmission and distribution network.  

 The Differences between a Motor and a Generator

Motors and generators have something in common  

1, the same structure.  They are composed of coils, magnets, commutators and brushes.  

2. The connection mode of components is the same.  All components are connected in series to form a circuit.  

3. Both are affected by the direction of the magnetic field. The direction of the current generated in the generator is related to the direction of the magnetic field.  The force direction of the coil in the motor is related to the magnetic field direction.  


Motors are different from generators  

1. Different principles.  Generator is made according to electromagnetic induction phenomenon;  The motor is made according to the principle that the energized conductor moves under force in a magnetic field.  

2. Different judgment methods.  The right hand rule is used to judge the direction of current in the generator.  The direction of conductor motion in a motor is governed by the left hand rule.  

3. The purpose of work and the transformation of energy are different.  The generator needs external work to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.  An electric motor does work to change electrical energy into mechanical energy.  


Diesel generators have less investment and consumption cost than other fuel generators.  It can save a lot of money.  Compared to some other backup power supply equipment, the diesel generator set is more affordable, and its diesel consumption is lower.  


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