The Problem Of Filling Water Of Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 10, 2022

Generator manufacturer checks generator batteries. A key point is the battery part of a diesel generator, which is prone to problems when stored as a backup power source for too long. Common oils with battery problems have voltage and current, and the reasons for this are as follows. (1) During the trial run, the method of stopping battery charging was adopted, resulting in insufficient current. (2) Domestic battery life of 2 years, can not be replaced in time. Second, when starting the generator, the solenoid valve should be carefully checked, as well as the components related to the solenoid valve. After studying in China, people sum up other methods besides "see, hear, model and smell". Three, diesel generator after storage, check fuel oil, lubricating oil and related parts. Because fuel oil, cooling water and oil may undergo chemical changes after long-term storage, oil, fuel oil and other parts should be checked after long-term storage of the generator. If problems are identified and resolved immediately, access to fuel, oil and cooling water are essential to the start-up operation of the generator. If not handled in time, the generator may not start, if forcibly started, will damage the generator. But you can also buy good quality fuel and oil, which is very helpful to the operation of power generation.


The first step is to add water to the tank. Close the drain valve, fill the tank with clean drinking water or pure water, and cover the tank. Diesel generator set purchased by generator manufacturer is pre-filled with water.

Second, come on. Select special oil for diesel generator set. All generator sets purchased by customers from Guangzhou Huacai Power Generation Company have been pre-filled with oil, so no additional oil is required. There are two kinds of oil in summer and winter. Choose different oils for different seasons. When adding oil, watch the vernier until the oil is added to the full vernier. Cover the engine oil. Don't add too much engine oil. Excess oil can cause oil emissions and combustion.

The third step is to distinguish the machine oil and return. Diesel oil is normally allowed to settle for 72 hours to ensure that the intake of the machine is clean. Do not insert oil into the bottom of the cylinder, so as not to inhale dirty oil and plug the tubing.

 Shangchai Diesel Generator Set

Step four, pump diesel. First, loosen the nut on the manual pump and hold the handle of the manual pump of the diesel generator set. Evenly stretch and compress until the oil enters the pump.

Step five, release the air. If you want to loosen the vent screw of the high pressure oil pump, and then press the hand oil pump, you will see the oil and air bubbles overflow through the screw hole until you see all the oil flow out. Tighten the screws.

Step six, connect and start the motor. Distinguish between the positive and negative poles of the motor and the positive and negative poles of the battery. The battery connection line of Guangzhou Huacai Power Generation Co., LTD., red is positive pole, black is negative pole. The two batteries should be connected in series to achieve 24V. First connect the positive pole of the motor. When connecting the positive terminal, do not let the terminal contact other terminals. Then connect the negative pole of the motor, be sure to connect firmly, so as not to burn out the connecting section.

Seventh, air switch. The switch should be in a separate state before the machine starts or enters the power transmission state. The lower end of the switch has four terminals, three of which are three-phase live wire (red), the black next to the zero line. The power of the zero line in contact with any live wire is 220 volts lighting power. Do not use a phase exceeding one third of the rated power of the generator, and do not use it out of phase for a long time.


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