The Reason of Excessive Fuel Supply for injection Pump of Wuxi Power

Jan. 03, 2022

Wuxi Power series diesel generator has good power performance, economy, reliability, its low operating cost and the national supply of three packs and accessories are favored by users.  Fuel injector is one of the main parts of Wuxi power generator, it is important to check whether it is normal at any time.  


Unit in the operation of the most prone to problems of the parts is the injector, injector, speed motor, especially the injector, if the fuel injection excess will produce waste fuel, insufficient combustion, smoke and other situations, not only affect the normal operation of equipment and will reduce its life.  So what is the cause of excessive injection of diesel generator fuel injector?  This article is briefly introduced by professional diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Electric Power.  

 The Reason of Excessive Fuel Supply for injection Pump of Wuxi Power

The reason of excessive fuel supply for injection pump of Wuxi power diesel generator set  


The root cause of excessive fuel injection: the inner tube bundle of the diesel generator speed regulating motor increases the amount of spatter.  Wuxi power diesel generator speed motor in the oil is too large, so that the amount of fuel injection also increased.  


Generator speed regulating motor inner tube bundle rack and pinion large amount of oil adjustment screw is too large or accelerator pedal rocker tube bundle screw is too large.  Plunger adjust the fuel injection quantity is too large, or adjust the gear lock screw loose and to adjust the gear shift, and fuel injector fuel injection quantity is too big, can let fuel consumption increase, fuel combustion is not complete, exhaust pipe line of black smoke of diesel engine, the combustion chamber is not optimistic carbon deposition, to speed up the breakage of the cylinder, piston rod and the piston, produce diesel engine show overtemperature and valve ring.  Therefore, according to the above three common root cause resolution units to do systematic inspection, can make the diesel generator efficient operation.  


The above is a professional diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo power to share with you the root cause of diesel generator injector excessive fuel injection, hope to help you.  Our company is 16 years of professional generator set manufacturers, manufacturers wholesale, quality assurance, perennial supply of technical services for users, warranty period completely free adjustment, maintenance, free training services.  


DINGBO POWER is a manufacturer of diesel generator set, the company was founded in 2017. As a professional manufacturer, DINGBO POWER has focused on high quality genset for many years, covering Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, Weichai, Yuchai, SDEC, MTU, Ricardo, Wuxi etc, power capacity range is from 20kw to 3000kw, which includes open type, silent canopy type, container type, mobile trailer type. So far, DINGBO POWER genset has been sold to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and Middle East.

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