Normal Speed Can Prolong the Service Life of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 03, 2022

Diesel generator set operation of the repeated process, so in continuous repeated operation, with the diesel generator set to describe the work frequency index value.  The number of engine crankshaft turns per minute is usually used to indicate the speed of the diesel generator set.  Under normal circumstances, the revolution of the generator set is 1500r/min.  For 300 kW diesel generator set, it is important to maintain scientific and reasonable rotation, which can reasonably reduce damage, but also increase the service life of the generator set.  This article will share with you the importance of reasonable generator speed by dinbo Power Company, a professional diesel generator manufacturer.  


I. Too low revolution of the generator will cause the operation revolution of each part to decrease, which will reduce the operation performance of the parts.  


Second, the generator is too low revolution will reduce the output power of the diesel engine, reduce its driving force.  


Three, the generator revolution is too low will make the connected mechanism running machinery revolution is also reduced, it will reduce the mechanical performance of operation.  


Four, the generator is too low revolution will cause the diesel engine output power is insufficient, so that should be located in the normal operation of the diesel engine in full load or overload operation state.  


To this end, the generator to maintain a scientific and reasonable tens of minutes, as far as possible to reduce the abnormal phenomenon of too low revolution, if it is found that the diesel generator idle flout, should be based on the length of the diesel generator use time and maintenance layer to analyze and distinguish.  

 Normal Speed Can Prolong the Service Life of Diesel Generator Set

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