The Start Steps of Diesel Engine Generator

Nov. 22, 2021

Before starting the diesel generator, remove the dust, water marks, oil marks and rust attached to the surface of the unit. Check whether the mechanical connectors and fasteners are loose. After the diesel generator is started, the speed should be controlled at about 600-700rpm, and pay close attention to the oil pressure. If there is no indication of oil pressure, stop the machine immediately for inspection. In this article, Dingbo power will introduce 8 precautions and 5 starting steps before starting 200kva diesel generator.

 The Start Steps of Diesel Engine Generator

1. Notices before starting diesel generator sets.

A. We recommend to load a new diesel generator at 80% to 90% load.

B. Remove dust, water marks, oil stains and rust attached to the surface of the unit.

C. Check whether the fuel reserve of the fuel tank meets the specified operation time.

D. Turn on the switch from the fuel tank to the fuel transfer pump of the diesel generator and exhaust the air of the fuel system with a hand pump.

E. Check whether there is enough oil in the diesel generator oil pan, fuel injection pump and governor.

F. Check whether there is enough oil in the diesel generator oil pan, fuel injection pump and governor.

G. Check whether the cooling water in the cooling tank is full. The water inlet switch shall open the upper open circulator.

H. Turn each switch on the control panel to the corresponding working position of the monitoring generator set, and the automatic air switch shall be in the open circuit position.


2. The start steps of diesel generator sets.

A. Turn the fuel trim operating handle or press the "oil engine speed up" button to fix the diesel engine door at the idle position equivalent to the generator set (about 500-700rpm).

B. Turn on the power switch, the power is on, then press the pre supply pump to start, and the pre supply pump shall not operate for more than 30s each time. Until the oil pressure reaches 0.2-0.3mpa (only for pre supply pump), press the start button of pre supply pump to start. If the start button still fails to start at 12s, wait 2min before starting the second time. If it fails to start for three consecutive times, check and find out the cause of the fault. When the temperature is low, for the unit equipped with preheating device, first pull the preheating switch outward to the first position. At this time, the preheater is connected. After twice, pull the preheating switch outward to the second position. At this time, when the preheater is connected to the preheater, turn on the fuel to enter the preheater. At this time, press the key to start the diesel generator. After successful startup, the preheating switch shall be pushed back to the original position. During startup, due to the voltage drop of the high-power amplifier, the number of the display may fluctuate. At this time, just press the "signal release" key to eliminate this phenomenon. 


C. After starting the diesel generator, the speed shall be controlled between 600-700rpm, and pay close attention to the reading. If there is no indication, stop working immediately for inspection.

D. If the diesel generator works normally at low speed, the speed can be gradually increased to 1000-1200rpm for diesel generator preheating operation. When the engine temperature is about 50 ℃ and the oil temperature is about 45 ℃, the speed can be increased to 1545rpm or 1575rpm (for units above 250KW).

E. At this time, if the diesel generator set works normally, turn off the automatic air switch, and then gradually increase the load. Please note that the air switch is equipped with a voltage loss protection device. It can be closed only when the generator voltage reaches 70% of the no voltage (when closing, the switch handle should be turned down and then closed up). When the generator voltage drops to 40 ~ 70 degrees, when the circuit breaker is disconnected, the circuit breaker trips up again, but it is not in the closing position, which is a normal phenomenon.


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