Three Treatments for the Water in Oil in Perkins Generator Set

Nov. 02, 2021

As we all know, oil is the driving raw material of Perkins generator set, and it is also an inseparable consumable of generator set. A large proportion of Perkins generator sets have high quality control standards relative to oil.  It is mainly used for lubricating system transmission and engine sliding workpiece, greatly reduce its damage.If the diesel mixes with water, it will cause unit can not operate correctly, or cause perkins generator set internal structure short circuit fault, special equipment have old problems.  


Three  Treatments for the Water in Oil in Perkins Generator Set

Special equipment operation, should keep good crankcase to meet the oil level, in order to reduce engine stop equipment operation and severe system failure.  Not only that, after the test run (5 hours before operation), and every 20 to 50 hours and generator periodic maintenance, the waste chemical composition must be changed.  However, it is not acceptable to arbitrarily add the oil from the first leak, because each engine type and handling requirements have their own chemical composition.  You can easily make this clear by reading  the information on the package.  


Three  Treatments for the Water in Oil in Perkins Generator Set


 1, the user can keep the oil in a test tube to heat up, such as oil in subtle acoustic, blisters, and can be observed that there is water in the oil, then can make full use of the oil and water to deal with the boiling point of difference, growing and blisters, water evaporation, and then cooled to room temperature for sustained use.  


2,For example, the oil has now appeared emulsification, in order to participate in the oil weight of 1% to 3% of the phenol (carbolic acid) as deemulsifier, adding and mixing, and then do a good job of advance preheating of the oil for a while, so as to wait for water and oil segments.  


3,Completely remove the water in the oil, in order to make full use of the instrument to remove the water in the Perkins generator set, now emulsified oil into the serpentine heating tube, interrupted heating with saturated steam through the serpentine tube. And into the atmosphere into the instrument, to make the oil water volatilization.  Then do the oil cooling correctly, so that the oil can be used.

 Three  Treatments for the Water in Oil in Perkins Generator Set

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