Troubleshooting Method of Generator Cooling System

Apr. 07, 2022

When the engine is working, a large amount of heat is generated due to the combustion of fuel and the friction between moving parts, which makes the parts strongly heated, especially the parts in direct contact with the combustion gas. If there is no proper cooling, the normal operation of the engine will not be guaranteed. The function of the cooling system is to maintain the engine at the most appropriate temperature.

The troubleshooting method of generator cooling system is introduced to you by Dingbo power today!

a. Abnormal sound of cooling system

When the water pump generator works, there is abnormal noise at the water pump, fan, etc. 


1. The fan blades hit the radiator.

2. The fixing screw of the fan is loose.

3. The fit between the fan belt hub or impeller and the water pump shaft is loose.

4. The fit between the water pump shaft and the water pump housing bearing seat is loose.

Fault maintenance method:

1. Check whether the gap between the radiator fan window of the water pump generator and the fan is the same. If not, loosen the fixing screw of the radiator for adjustment. If the fan blade collides with other places due to deformation and other reasons, the cause shall be found out before troubleshooting.

2. If the noise occurs in the water pump, remove the water pump, find out the cause and repair it.

Silent diesel generator

b. Water leakage in cooling system

1. There is water drip leakage at the lower part of radiator or diesel engine.

2. When the water pump generator works, the fan throws water around.

3. The water surface in the radiator drops and the machine temperature rises rapidly.


1. Leakage of radiator.

2. The rubber pipe of the radiator inlet and outlet pipe is broken or the clamp screw is loose.

3. The drain switch is not closed tightly.

4. The water seal is damaged, the pump casing is broken or the gasket between the pump and the cylinder block is damaged.

Fault maintenance method:

The location of the fault can be found through observation. If water flows out from the rubber pipe joint, the rubber pipe is broken or the joint clamp is not tightened. Here, tighten the screw of the rubber pipe joint clamp. If the joint clamp is damaged, it needs to be replaced. If there is no clip, it can be temporarily tied with iron wire or thick copper wire. If the rubber pipe is damaged, it should be replaced, or the broken part can be wrapped up with adhesive tape temporarily. When replacing the rubber pipe, in order to facilitate insertion, apply a small amount of butter in the rubber pipe orifice. If water flows out from the lower part of the pump, generally the water seal of the pump is damaged or the drain switch is not closed tightly, it should be handled flexibly according to the structural characteristics of each machine.

Dingbo power is a manufacturer of diesel generator sets, which was established in 2006. Its advantage is that the equipment is brand-new diesel generator sets, and the 24-hour emergency maintenance team is stationed on the site for emergency repair in real time all day. The power generation equipment supplied by Dingbo power has complete models, strong power, economy and fuel saving. Especially for users with high environmental protection requirements, we have launched a new low-noise closed diesel generator set, and the exhaust emission can meet the national 4 standard.

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