How to Install Exhaust Pipe of 400kVA Diesel Generator

Apr. 07, 2022

400KVA generator set will be installed in place before being put into use. An indispensable work in the installation process is the installation of smoke exhaust pipe of generator set. So, what is the stress of installing smoke exhaust pipe? Is the correct installation of smoke exhaust pipe related to the service life of 400kVA diesel genset? Today Dingbo Power answers for you.

1. Layout of smoke exhaust pipe of 400KVA generator set

1) It must be connected with the smoke exhaust outlet of the unit through bellows to absorb thermal expansion, displacement and vibration.

2) When the silencer is placed in the machine room, it can be supported from the ground according to its size and weight.

3) In the part where the direction of the smoke pipe changes, it is recommended to install expansion joints to offset the thermal expansion of the pipe during the operation of the unit.

4) The inner bending radius of 90 degree elbow shall be 3 times of the pipe diameter.

5) As close to the unit as possible.

6) When the pipeline is long, it is recommended to install a rear silencer at the end.

7) The smoke exhaust terminal outlet of flood control generator set shall not directly face flammable substances or buildings.

8) The smoke exhaust outlet of the unit shall not bear heavy pressure, and the steel pipeline shall be supported and fixed with the help of buildings or steel structures.

How to Install Exhaust Pipe of 400kVA Diesel Generator

2. Installation of smoke exhaust pipe of 400KVA generator set

1) In order to prevent condensate from flowing back into the unit, the flat smoke exhaust pipe shall have a slope, and the low end shall be away from the engine. A drainage outlet shall be set at the silencer and other pipeline parts of condensate trickle, such as the vertical direction of smoke pipe.

2) When the smoke pipe passes through the flammable roof, wall or partition, it shall be provided with thermal insulation sleeve and wall outer plate.

3) If conditions permit, most smoke pipes shall be arranged outside the machine room as far as possible to reduce radiant heat. Indoor smoke pipes shall be equipped with thermal insulation sheath. If the silencer and other pipelines must be placed indoors due to installation conditions, the whole pipeline shall be wrapped with 50mm thick high-density thermal insulation material and aluminum sheath for thermal insulation.

4) Thermal expansion shall be allowed when the pipeline support is fixed.

5) The end of the smoke pipe shall be able to reduce the dripping of rainwater. The horizontal plane of the smoke pipe can be extended, the outlet can be repaired or the rain cap can be installed.

The purpose of smoke exhaust system of diesel generator set is to discharge the smoke or smell that will cause harm to human body to a certain height outdoors and reduce noise. All generator sets installed indoors must exhaust the waste gas outdoors through non leaking smoke exhaust pipe, and the installation of smoke exhaust pipe must comply with relevant specifications, standards and other requirements. Mufflers, smoke exhaust pipes and superchargers will produce high temperature. Keep away from inflammables to prevent human body from being scalded and ensure that the discharged smoke and waste gas do not become a public hazard.

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